Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cash Money...and new plantings

What are we being taught to value?

We planted loads of spinach, beets, chard, and arugula today.
The manure/compost mounds are all prepped and ready
for the tomatoes that are in the greenhouse avoiding the cold winds.

Planted the 5 hardy kiwis today (1 male 4 female)
and two goumi trees (more like large shrubs.
The shipment from One Green World was insanely meticulous.
I cannot recommend them enough, full TLC all the way.

I also planted comfrey from yardsnacker!
Check out his latest garden happenings HERE.
What a root mass on those plants, I even broke a few
nubs off and spread them around even more.
I planted maybe 20 comfrey seeds on monday,
and Jake from is hooking me up with
some more seedlings this week.
Thanks so much guys for this hookup -
Your goodies are on their way as soon I get back to AZ.

We also put the Selke Biodynamic Cherry Tomatoes in the greenhouse.
Im just boiling with the anticipation of seeing the lushness.
A huge thanks to Curt at
for those beauties...they are doing great.

We cleared out some rye grass cover crop
and filled it in with so many good seeds and fresh compost.
We are filming and taking photos nonstop too.

The garden is going to be gushing with the real green this year,
federal reserve notes arent what they used to be!
Value self-sufficiency!