Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cacao - The Perfect Houseplant

Thriving with just a little bit of direct light.
Honestly, when it was tucked away in the back of the dome
greenhouse in the indirect light - It was very happy.
Ill be moving her back there now that its warm enough.

Seriously, this is such a great plant for indoors.
Just keep misting the leaves every day (or every other)
with a nice blend of purified water and a pinch of sea salt
(or thalassa mix if you really want to step it up)
and from what I can tell - the cacao just loves it.

The tree is an understory tree from the tropics,
so its used to shade. Something that is so counter-
intuitive to many people (don't ALL plants love tons of sun??")

I got mine at Pine Island Nursery in Miami,
but many places sell them.
Dont just eat it, GROW IT.