Friday, April 30, 2010

Edible Reforestation

I was just messing around on the computer and out of
nowhere this term hit me like a lightning bolt.

Its Arbor Day coincidentally (or not?)
Planting trees is really the clear and direct way
to improve this planet we live on.

The old paradigm -
To be ethical, green, and "conscious", we had to give something up.
Before - Not being able to do something we previously enjoyed.
But with gardens, we get to now ADD into our life something fun
like planting fruits and vegetables with our loved ones.

So much more pro-active and positive than
all the negative environmental guilt-trips.

This should be the standard while looking for love -
The more trees you plant the sexier you become.

You seriously planted HOW many food forests? Why, hello...

Take part in edible reforestation.
Make it tasty and green up your space.

I did a food forest search on youtube and this came up.
Some might say it moves a little slow, but it would be
exciting so he how her space develops...good for her!

"Dude - I met this awesome girl who planted 1000 trees - Im in love."