Monday, April 26, 2010

Deb visits us in Arizona - and we got springwater!

Deb from Debbie Does Raw is an ANGEL.
Being that Im relatively new to my tribe in Arizona,
I am VERY picky about who comes to visit and spend
quality time with us. Deb fit the bill all the way.

We had such a good time having her here,
we went to the farmer's mkt, made lots of good treats,
and went to Sedona for hiking/springwater/and dinner at
ChocolaTree, which was really great.

Its been quite awhile since Ive been to a raw restaurant -
I was pretty much over paying so much money for food
I would rather just make at home with loved ones -
but this was really good, and they have started a food
forest in their back garden which was a total joy to have
our dinner in. Way to go ChocolaTree folks - Nice work.

I also found the last copy of the Ringing Cedars Series there too,
which totally made my day...reading it now and its just
as out there as I suspected. Read this series PLEASE.
I dont necessarily agree 100% with everything, but its worth the read.

And by judging the look on my face here,
I was insanely happy to be drinking springwater again.
It was so cold and felt so buttery and silky.
I had been drinking primarily reverse osmosis water these past
4 months, and although that is WAY better than tap water,
springwater is just pure magic. I cant even describe it.
Its just - divine. Seriously, do whatever you can to harvest
your own springwater. Daniel Vitalis and Heidi and JS
started because they know the power
and pure joy of springwater, and wanted to share it with all of you.
Its an incredible resource, so please take advantage of it.

Here is the springwater vid -

And here is Deb's video as she makes Raw Cheez-Its - They were incredible.

We've been living a very bloggable life lately, hence the lack of posts.
Im off to NY tomorrow, so Ill be online a little more. Stay tuned!
I had a major breakthrough last night as well,
so Ill be writing about that asap.