Monday, April 26, 2010

100th Online Order Truffle Giveaway

First off - Thank you to everyone who has ordered our Cacao Truffles.
I appreciate it so much and Im glad everyone is enjoying it.

Its such a sacred feeling-to actually be making food
that people are putting into their bodies - their temples.
Its a big deal to me, and I cant thank you all enough for your trust.
We make these with the cleanest and safest ingredients we can find,
and it blows me away to think that there are companies out there
that can make so much garbage without any regard towards the
health and well-being of the people actually consuming their product.

Remember as well, there is no added sweeteners in here.
No agave. What the heck happened to agave??
Check out David Wolfe's article about agave HERE.
Remember when this was all the rage?
Like - Agave was THE sweetener to use?
Who is still using this stuff? WAY WAY WAY too many companies.
Myself - I am totally over this stuff, and Im pretty disillusioned
about how everyone including myself bought into it before.
Who are we to trust? Seriously! Who?

That being said, we are just using dates.
Im over super sweet treats. They are way too old-school.
The less sugar I use in my life, the less I want.
I can drink teas with no sugar and be perfectly content with
the simple taste of....TEA. Wow...who would have thought?


Blackbird is doing very well, especially online.
We are an efficient family-run business,
and so far all of our profit has gone to planting
fruit trees and vegetable gardens in our space.
I spent last night looking at the garden in the light of the
moon and my heart seriously was bursting.
I cant even describe how good and right it felt.
Check out the Food Forest page HERE.

Please do whatever you can to work with plants more
and more and more in your life,
I promise you that they will give you so much
more than just edibles for your stomach.

Anyways, in light of our 100th online customer,
we are offering another giveaway.

A 10 pack of truffles of your choice -
Raw Vegan or Pasture Butter with Cacao Nibs or Pistachio -
and you can also do half & half if you like.

You know the drill - Comment to win.
Ill pick the winner in a few days.

Comment about whatever you want.
Just say hi, I dont care. Its all good.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who has supported
this venture. You can also add us on facebook too.
Click here to become a fan.

Here is the link to the site in case you want to order now.

And here is a review from Dhrumil of
he appreciates the lack of agave and sweeteners as well.
Thank you brother for your support!