Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pine Pollen...FINALLY

After hearing about pine pollen almost two years ago,
I finally come across it and all is right with the world.

We were going for a morning jog when I came across
a pine tree full of pollen cones. I touched it and the pollen
just dusted off so thick, and then I knew this was it.

I honestly didnt know what I was looking for before
that random encounter...I thought maybe they were even
the actual pine cone that would open up and release pollen.

So I geared up and went back later on that day to see what
I could find...here are the pics from that late afternoon.

As we were driving to the trees, we saw big fat chemtrails
over Camelback Mountain. How obvious are they trying to be?
People are having happy hour and staring at THIS?

Its crazy, right around noon, they all start and by 4pm the
whole sky is hazed out. I kid you not.
Harmful chemicals or not, they are ruining the beautiful blue AZ sky.

Anyways, sorry for the sidenote, it was a part of the trip though.

If only a pine pollen company could hire me
to work the camera for them.
Hell...it is the highest form of plant testosterone,
so that is pretty damn sexy....right?
Old folks going on powerwalks stop by and ask what
Im picking and I always tell them about the testosterone.
The eyes of the old ladies LIGHT UP.

Not long cones, not actual pine cones.
These little babies are filled with pollen.
The size varies depending on the tree,
but as you can see compared to my hand,
they are pretty small. Lots of work...bring headphones
or hum a tune if you get bored.
Consider it a fun hobby and all is well.

You can just touch them and the powder flies off.
So I would pinch each cluster and just put them in my bag.
After filling it up, I brought it home and prepared it for

I am a sifting fool these days....
between the kefir, the teas, the pollens...
Im always shaking my sifter into big bowls.
Good arm workouts at least.

So this is what I gathered in about 20 minutes.

I had to pinch and crush all these little guys,
and then after gathering up the dust -

- Id put the leftovers on top of the soil of the fruit trees!
Lots of crazy good nutrition in that soil now.

So what to do with all this hornball dust?

I had my first batch with dairy kefir,
but now Im just mixing it in with kombucha and ice water.
Am I noticing a difference?
I figure my hormone levels are pretty high because of my age and diet,
but still - this is a primo wild food, and Im feeling really good.
Im having about 1 tbls a day, and I need to find more soon
because it takes allot of time and patience to get the dust
into a bottle. We filmed the process too, and once
I get my computer working again, Ill upload about
5 new videos...finally.

Bring a towel and some water to wash up afterwards,
this stuff gets EVERYWHERE.
Black was probably the worst thing to wear,
but at least it looked funny.

There is still plenty of time to find this stuff!
Its just peaking now in the Southwest, and Im sure
once you get to the higher elevations youll have more time.
In Minnesota, early May is the ticket, so you have been warned!