Monday, March 29, 2010

New Videos on Youtube! Im serious!

(Mini Max in front of a baby Pomegranate...LOVE HIM)
There was some serious technicical (zoolander voice) malfunctions
on my computer and some upload issues with imovie that kept me
from uploading videos in the last HALF DAMNED YEAR!

All is fixed. Videos are coming down the pipe.

Here is one, I hope you enjoy it. New feel, right?

Me walking around a section of the food forest in AZ.
Im putting in figs, citrus, pomegranates, aloe, and annuals.
Lavender is filling up little spots as well.
Im LOVING it down here, and its so nice to be creating another
forest garden in a different climate than Im used to.

Much more is coming now, so all the youtube subscribers out
there - first let me apologize for the lack of uploads,
and second, let me fill you in on all the good stuff coming up.

Dairy Kefir
Making Water Mixtures for plants
Garden/Food Forest activities
Spring water in Sedona
A 7 day cleanse we are doing very soon
Live Enemas! Just kidding!
Wild Foods!

All excitement aside...its going to be great so buckle up lol.

Here is the food forest walk from last night.

Givewaway tomorrow! Stay tuned!