Sunday, February 28, 2010

Truffle Giveaway Winners, plus another giveaway

Hello...I have truffles to send you.

First off, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful
and deeply inspiring ideas from the comments.

"Happiness Belongs to the Self-Sufficient"

I learned allot and many of the comments really lit
a fire under my butt to step up my game.

I just planted two trees yesterday!
A Conandria Fig (YES!!!) and Wonderful Pomegranate.

We filmed the planting, and I have to tell you it was
a total joy to get back into the planting groove again.
I have to wait till Late April-Early May in my neck of the woods
in Central MN before I can start popping little beauties into the ground,
so this was just a great relief, and I hope to possibly plant one every
week...I mean...why not right?

Peaches...more figs, citrus, maybe even a mesquite tree?
What a wonderful hobby to have, and Im finding on Craigslist
all this free manure and compost so I will really be able to
give these ladies lots and lots of TLC. onto the winners!


These were picked randomly I swear!!
You might have wrote a wonderfully enlightening
comment that gave thousands of people ideas,
but it didnt guarantee a winning pick.
The satisfaction of sharing your awesome ideas might have
to be enough for now...truly that is the priceless gift. will be contacted in just a bit by me asking what
you want your dozen of truffles to be like.

So to keep this momentum going,
here is another giveaway. This one is a beauty.

I received this the other day-
Hi Anthony,
I was reading your blog, and noticed you had a truffle
giveaway awhile ago. I am helping a friend with his site and we are interested in sponsoring a giveaway
for your blog. We were thinking about letting your readers
pick their favorite book to win from THIS LIST.

Tell us if this is possible =)



Of course!!

So here is the scoop with -
"Its like Yahoo Answers for gift ideas and shopping.
Suppose you're looking for to buy a new digital camera.
The experts at will do all the work of searching
for the best camera, and recommend them to you
saving you time and stress."

Makes sense, and Im all for a decent giveaway.

Here's the deal this time -

Mention a BOOK that really changed your life.
You can get into details if you wish (would be nice)
and remember that if you want others to hopefully
read this book, make it sound good.

One week to get in your comment!

Im off to make truffles! Hope everyone's week was great.