Monday, November 2, 2009

More Exposure for Self-Reliance

Please be inspired enough to do something similar.

You can still have a regular job (if you want?).
Just now, you can take your earnings and use it
on vacations or whatever you please instead of
food, energy, and housing.
These things should be naturally abundant.

Let our economies be based on fun stuff instead of
necessities...the fact that our "leaders" have
kept our wallets tied to necessities is quite telling.

Since its painfully obvious that governments
arent looking to change this indentured servitude, its up to us as
individuals, tribes, and communities to do it for ourselves.

Please be inspired enough to do this for yourself.
They make it seem like extreme frugality is needed,
but if all your food is provided for, then you have more
extra income to play around with. Makes sense?

"We're looking for farmers!" Haha!