Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Modern vs. Ancient (Wild) Humans

While swimming through the debris of facebook,
I came upon this gem recommended by Tim Van Orden
of Running Raw. This guy really gets my respect for the
staircase races he does especially.
He would take me to school in any race,
but those staircases are HARDCORE.
Check him out HERE.

It was THIS article on about the
steep decline in strength and agility in the past few thousand years.

Oddly, but sadly, no real mention was made of our diets.
It was all about the sedentary life to the
writers and/or the scientists (it seemed).

I say - Crappy building blocks, crappy temple.
We all know that exercise is obviously needed for thriving,
but if you are built out of corn/soy fed beef and white bread
instead of spirulina and bee pollen, you will be a different person.
I'm sorry if that messes with anyone's ego, but its true.

Whatever your eating style at the moment,
go for QUALITY. Wild foods, and QUALITY.

People get so worked up about what to exclude in their diet,
but a MASSIVE fact is that no matter what most "civilized" people
are eating, they are quite usually eating the CHEAPEST -

(ahem...least-mineralized and loaded with crappy fillers
like corn and soy, plus chemicals with scary long names)

- DIEt they can possibly get their hands on.

If almost everyone is trying to save money,
why havent our leaders made food abundantly cheap by planting
massive stands of fruit forests and berry patches?
And why all the fruitless trees when they do plant anything?
I think we pretty much know why.

I know that this is changing though.
The answer to that last question IS changing.
The people that get it are beginning to take part in this massive shift.

When it CLICKS inside the heart and mind,
we will soon be eating lots of wild, and lovingly-grown food.

Lets do our best to turn back the clock on our bodies
by turning back the clock on our food choices.
Lower in sugar, no matter what "ism" you are,
(as I eat granola...*hypocrite*) highly-mineralized,

And if you go for quality, ingenuity will do wonders for the weekly budget.

Why cant our work/consume economies be based on more
fun stuff (bikes, ipods, vacations, camping gear...whatever!)
and not necessities (Housing, heating/cooling, FOOD, and water)???

Questions that need resolving on the personal level first.
Then tribe, then community, then widespread.
Politicians will be the last to jump on,
they will wait till the public DEMANDS this of them.