Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Obama Deception

Its the weekend.
If the weather is bad,
maybe you can devote two hours to this video.

I voted for Obama, mostly because I had the hope
that whatever he was saying was true.

Pretty naive of me, but some part of me wanted
to believe that a lightworker could become president again.

I would highly recommend watching this,
give it 20 minutes and see if you want to continue.

Its not about left or right wings.
Its about the super wealthy continuing to lock the population
into wage slavery, poor health, and dumbing us down.

If you do watch this, let your friends and family know what you think.

Again, this isnt about Obama.
Its about who Obama (and Bush...and Clinton) is working for,
and why the media NEVER mentions this.

Offering change we can believe in...haha