Monday, August 24, 2009

A new video...FINALLY.

This is me transplanting my (now dead) miracle
fruit and incan berry. This was at our old place in Williamsburg.
We had a nice little patio, and I was totally going to
turn it into a garden, but then the place got mold
and we had to get out of there. My throat became really
sore and irritated because of it, and within two days of
being in the fresh air of MN, it was gone.

We are now doing everything indoors,
the sapote seedlings, the guava, some basil and mint,
and eventually I'll bring in the cacao and the soursop.

My parents don't want to worry about taking care of the
tropicals this year, and Id rather take care of them myself.
Ive read some stuff about raising citrus indoors,
but no one that Ive read is talking about other plants
besides the miracle fruit.

Will surely keep everyone updated on the progress.

More pics to come too.