Monday, August 24, 2009

I am mildy drunk on Kefir right now.

Such is the process of fermentation.

Let the yeasts and bacteria do their thing long enough and
you will smell something similar to white wine.

I knew this would happen, and I suppose during the
move we didnt have enough time to re-feed the kefir grains,
so this was the result..sugars turning into alcohol.

When I smelled it I knew right had that
boozy overtone that speaks to so many home brewers.

So in the search for probiotics and mineral absorption,
i get a decent buzz. Not a bad deal, right?

I mixed it with apple juice made from that tree we picked back in MN,
and the combo was really divine, like a hard apple cider.

I didnt think it would hit me as it did, but since I had
it for breakfast without any solid food, it sank its claws into me.

Ive yet to let the milk-kefir grains go so far,
although as sour as I let it become, I would be hard pressed
to let them go any further. Very few people can appreciate the sourness.

I listened to an interview on Coast to Coast the other day about
how humans made a huge leap forward about 40,000 years ago.

The reason? Altered States of Consciousness.

Most likely this was because of fermentation,
but also because of newly discovered psychedelics
like mushrooms, cannabis, peyote, and ayahuasca.

The first ferment was probably honey mead.

Honey by itself stays pristine, but mixed
with the source of life (water) strange things begin to emerge.

After a few days, a bubbly brew becomes present,
and whoever partakes in this beverage receives
an altered state of consciousness.
Where do you think art, dance, and CULTURE come from?

CULTURES. Fermented cultures.

Anyways, Im a bit buzzed so I should go for a walk.

If you are interested in raising your own kefir
and don't want to keep buying pints from whole foods
or wherever else, click HERE. Seriously, DIY (Do It YOURSELF)
is the best option. You can control the ingredients,
and you can make it as strong as you desire.

Instead of $3-4 for a 20oz bottle, you can make
gallons and gallons for just the cost of feeding your kefirs
with organic sugar. We make so much now its laughable,
and have only been raising them for about 3 months now.

And I just ordered another miracle fruit bush
because our other one got devoured by squirrels.
I want to eat a miracle berry and drink super sour kefir now.
Have a good day a miracle fruit bush.