Monday, June 1, 2009

Sepp's Fruit Tree Ideas...

Just saw this, thought I would share.
Sepp Holzer is one of my favorite permaculturists,
and his methods are spawned from his own observations of nature,
not so much through the experiences of others.
He's been at this for 40 years now, so obviously
he had to innovate a bit. ;)

His advice...take the basic principles of water conservation,
biodiversity, and raised beds and apply them to YOUR area.
He lives on a steep mountainside in the Austrian Alps...
so what he does might just not work for you or me,
but I like what he has to say.

I was conditioned to think that pruning and all the
tree-care management was needed, but now...maybe not?
I have some pretty closely planted trees,
because I was planning on doing some heavy pruning. Hmmm...

So many conflicting opinions...just like diet advice.

Click on the pics for more detail...

Here are some more:

Great idea about planting root crops around the
perimeters of the trees to keep any possible pests occupied.

Sepp is amazing...truly a hero for our time.