Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marilyn the Kefir Lady

Dawn did an amazing interview recently
on her blog which is called "Happy. Healthy. Balance."
Check it out HERE.

She is a huge inspiration for us,
and she even battled the FDA because
she had her own ear candle business.
Seriously...the FDA is a total scam.
They are a branch of the corporatocracy
and we must JUST SAY NO to all of their lies
and threats. I have no faith whatsoever in ANYTHING
that organization has to say. NONE.

I would really hope to visit her farm the next time I drive to MN.
I hope that our life can be similar to her family's in the not so distant future.

And read what she has to say about ocean minerals!
She is WAY more tuned in than I ever expected!

Thanks so much to Dawn and Marilyn for sharing this with us,
Im sure youll find it all really eye-opening.