Monday, May 4, 2009

Food Forests and Stretching Out..

Always the multi-tasker.
Really gave my lower body a stretch while
watching this amazing Permaculture film produced by Geoff Lawton.

If you havent heard of him, he is the Director of
The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.
Totally entertaining and informational video.

The first section is like sitting in on one of his lectures,
as he draws the layout of a food forest. It might
seem a bit dry for those uninterested, but the
remaining is simply amazing for any viewer. How they shape the land,
emulate and work with nature, and completely prove long-term sustainability
to re-create paradise on this planet
is IMO one of the greatest things
humans are capable of doing.

Here is the trailer, which speaks for itself.

Get it from the site or from a friend (JUST GET IT) and
start spreading the 411 on how to re-build
Eden EVERYWHERE on this planet.

I think I will eventually go for the Permaculture Design Certificate,
but for now I just rely movies like this one and a good work ethic.

They have some big plans ahead.

If you know of someone just finishing high school
or university, and they are looking for something more enriching...(?)
share that DVD with them. I wish I would have known about this
when I was getting out of high school...Id be living in a food forest right now.

Here's Jeff talking about Pests in the Garden.

And if you have time...some sad, but true...humor.
Keep spreading permaculture everyone.
I know diet is important, but if you get into permaculture,
the diet stuff will just fall into place even easier.
Food plays a huge role in permaculture, and the
easier we can provide ourselves with the most loved
and mineralized food, the better off all of us will be.

There is swearing in this. Dont judge me! ;)