Monday, March 30, 2009


It might be early for some vegetables,
but no matter what, its fun to start some seedlings
indoors before planting time comes in April-May.

Hokkaido Stella Blue Squash,
Hopi Blue Corn,
Sugar Snap Peas,
Lots of Tomatillos and Tomatoes,
and of course Swan Lake Melons.

I took this pic a few days ago,
and you wouldnt believe the change already.
Ill be adding in some Goji's soon,
along with peppers and some eggplant for fun.

I bought most of my seeds at Whole Foods
because I didnt want to pay shipping, and the
prices were actually cheaper than the online catalogs.

Here is one that I just found though...check it out.

Get a head start this season, it cant hurt to experiment a bit!
And its just so much nicer in the apt to have some plants growing again.