Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing the Gojis and the Incans...

Superfood Consciousness is spreading.
And at the same time, so is the DIY (Do-It-YOURSELF) movement.

And I feel that Raw Foodists are pretty industrious
anyways, so it was only a matter of time before
people who were into superfoods started growing their own.

Lets start out with two:

The Goji

Unless you can get a cutting from an existing bush,
its going to take you 3 long years to harvest some fruits.

I am NO expert on growing gojis, but here is a good
site that was recently shown to me by a friend...Thanks K!


That will lay it out real nice and proper for you.

How nice would it be to have a goji hedge across your front yard?

Incan Berries (Cape Gooseberries)

So...here is something a bit more quick for all of us who demand

a little more immediate gratification.

If you can grow Tomatillos or Tomatoes, you have a good

shot with these cute little guys.

Here is another great link to check out HERE.

So, I havent grown these either YET.

Why the heck am I writing an article about

something I have no experience about??



AND TO SAVE YOU $$$$$$$.

Send some pics my way and Ill definitely share.

Those links are great and will educate you more than

I ever could about these two plants. Good lucks Greenthumbs...

(Tell the little plants that you LOVE them...it helps)