Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Raw on the Road...

Getting some sun on the new wheatgrass tray on I-35...

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” - Seneca

Well...back on the road.
I have to say, I like driving. I like seeing the country
and listening to good audiobooks and music and having
good conversations. I don't mind the extra time it takes,
because I actually enjoy the things that go along with car travel.

And when you have a car, you sure can pack a bunch more
food and supplies along as well.

Finally...to be on the road with the vita-mix.
To have a green smoothie while driving through Kansas City!
What an unknown pleasure.

Im attempting to grow wheatgrass while traveling.
With a car, this is possible. I've got 7 trays going,
and all are doing well. Again, doing the no-soil method
with highly mineralized water makes this so much
easier and mess-free. I will never use soil for wheatgrass
again. There is just no need for it, and it only costs
more and makes MUCH more of a mess.

We brought a cooler for smoothies, and I brought
some other new discoveries along that have made
the snacking far more pleasurable.

Foods Alive is making some amazing flax crackers
and their flax oil dressings are now one
of my favorite things to put on avocados
and sprouted wild rice. They use GOLDEN flax oil too.
I'm very happy to have these on the road with me.

We are in Austin right now, and will be visiting
the Farmer's market tmrw (wednesday) and
maybe even visit an organic farm out here.

Austin is a lovely town...very nice people and the
weather is a dream. We are here for a little longer,
then off to Miami. Not sure how that will be, but
we are giving it a week to check it out.

The mobile wheatgrass grower is off to bed.