Friday, February 27, 2009

Left Austin in New Orleans

Austin was great! But we didnt really do much garden-raw stuff.
We only had two days there, so it was mostly centered around
hanging out with friends at home.
But we WILL be back.
Boggy Farm was mentioned by Linda in the Raw,
and we really have to see some other spots out there
like the hot spring pools and the rivers.

Very nice though..I can see why people like it so much.

I drove 9 hours yesterday to New Orleans. We missed
all the traffic jams around Houston by about an hour,
and pulled into N.O. by 9pm. We crashed by 10.

I listened to NPR the whole way through pretty much.
Makes the drive so much easier.
I listened to THIS EPISODE of "This American Life"
and THIS EPISODE of "Fresh Air".
Im sure you'll enjoy both.

Happy Thursday! Wheatgrass is good!