Saturday, February 14, 2009

Misadventures in Noniland...

The one fruit that I always wondered about was Noni.
I always saw the painfully-priced juice at the store,
and heard many raw food people talking about it.

I couldn't even find a fresh one.
No one would sell them in the continental US.
Now, I realize why. They would stink up the
entire produce section, and I do mean STINK.

I always found the durian critics amusing.
Complaining about the smell as if it actually pained them.
I found their complaining somewhat endearing,
partially because I absolutely love the smell myself.

But noni...a whole different puzzle.

There were loads on the tree. Most still green.
Some had fallen though, and those I tried.

If you are in Ubud, Bali, the map above will lead you
to the um..."treasure". Its just a little south
of Kafe on your right hand side.

I ended up eating one a few days
after this, and it didn't seem AS bad,
but still...there was nothing appealing about
it what so ever. Nothing. SORRY.

I would love to blend it with a sweet fruit
and shoot it down to hopefully feel the effects,
but that time will have to wait.
Unless they start selling them fresh in the US.

And a note about the juice. The juice is dark red.
How is that? And its sweet. How is that?
Do they ferment it until sugars are formed?
Is there added sweetener?

If anyone knows, fill me and anyone else in.

Im glad I finally tried it...just wish it would have
been a little more tasty. Maybe thats the point
of the healing power of Noni.