Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bali Update

I got a picture of the Gamelan cd I would
recommend buying if you are interested.

The guy at the shop recommended this one,
and when we listened to it in the car,
it was really great.

(I had a hell of a time trying to rotate this image,
but you get the idea)

Gliving contacted me this morning and told
me that they used the Bali post on their site.

Ive done some posts for them in the past,
but since moving out of NY and being on the move
its dropped off a bit. This renewed me though.
Check out the post HERE.

After being in Bali, Bangkok really seems dismal.
There are so many artistans in Bali,
making unbelieveable works.

Walking on the Khao San road was
just a big bite of bad vibes.
I don't know if Ill come back to Thailand,
there are just so many other places to see.

Check out this great wood bowl I found.

I would love to start making these in MN
from reclaimed wood...I can totally see myself
getting into something like that.

Anyways, check out the cd.

Flying to LA tonight, 14 hours on the plane.
Hopefully I have no problems bringing
cacao, honey, and cashews home...