Sunday, January 11, 2009

WLIR-Au Lac-Recap

I feel peaceful just looking at this photo...
(courtesy of Mia Michal Mass,
the mother of this beautiful baby boy)

I was so busy chatting with all the wonderful friends
that showed up yesterday that I took hardly any photos.

If anyone from the event has some photos,
feel free to send them over and Ill surely post them up.

A HUGE thanks to everyone that came yesterday.
You could have been outside enjoying the wonderful day,
but you chose to spend it with us and we are totally thankful for it.

I hope everyone had a really great time,
and I hope to get more into the raw scene out here soon.
Everyone is so great! Maybe its just the good weather?

Also, a big thank you must go out to Ito from Au Lac
for letting us use the space to enjoy, and to Diana
for pulling all the strings and getting things
hooked up for the event. Wish you could have been there!

Deb from Debbie Does Raw gave me a really special present
during the event too...well, she gave a few! that
Id like to share with you is the book called "Fruit Hunters".
Check it out here.

Thanks Deb and Sam! Love you both!

Amazing book, and Ill be sure to use it during the travels.
We are off to Thailand today, and in two weeks Indonesia!
Ive got to get back to work soon though, but now seemed
like a good time to make it happen and do some research
on retreat possibilities and of course...fruits!

Much love to everyone who came or who wanted to come
but couldnt! Have a wonderful week and I will be
posting and videotaping lots as we go.

Thanks always...