Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meetup THIS Saturday...

I know its a bit last minute-
but I honestly just found out that this was possible.

I was on hold for a job in Miami,
and they just let me know that it fell through,
so I contacted Ito and everything magically worked out.

We are going to be in LA tonight until Sunday night,
and Saturday at 1pm was perfect for the meetup.

SO....if you honestly can make it, please email me
at so I can put
you on this list and give it to Au Lac so they can
plan accordingly. I'll talk a little bit, but its more
about all of us hanging out together.

Its going to be Prix-Fixe so there is no
mathematics lesson at the end of the meal
as we figure out who owes what.
(I dont know the price, but I think the previous
one was around $30 each...don't hold me to it though)

Check out Philip's Au Lac experience HERE.
(I want Philip's tan!!! Can't wait for the sun again!)

Spread the will be worth the drive!

email me! (comment too...of course!)