Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ok..everything I said about traveling getting old...
Ive got to take it back.
If you are ever headed to SE Asia,
I strongly recommend stopping here.
The wonderful village of Ubud is a raw foodie studios, raw friendly restaurants,
and organic farms with LOADS of greens.

We did a wild herb walk yesterday too!
And the day before we visited an organic
cacao plantation! Ive now eaten fresh cacao,
and even NONI! They grow noni here!

I felt like a kid learning about Halloween for the first time.
We went to an organic restaurant called Sari Organik
that is situated in the middle of a rice field.
They grow all their own vegetables and when you order

It is the model of an organic farm-restaurant.
Everyone that grows should look into this...
the returns can be so much greater if you have
a restaurant on site. I was blown away.

Durians and coconuts all the time,
the way they should be in Thailand.
Bali is what Thailand could be.

Our friend Leah from DC came here for two
weeks last year and ended up staying for 7 months.
I now know why. Its really feasible for a conscious eater.

Ive been filming lots for everyone, and we have taken
tons of good pics...its going to be really informative.
If anyone is planning to come here, shoot me
an email and Ill get you started on the right foot.

I really appreciate everyone's comments too.
Its hard to gripe about travel...I mean, its great to be out there,
but its amazing how different the mind feels once
the greens are out of the equation.

I ate 2lbs of greens the other day like popcorn.