Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pre-RSF post

Pecan Fudge Brownie!
1 part pecans, 1 part dates, 1/2 part cacao powder.
Add a little sweet cashew cream on top and some berries.
Sacrifice? Boredom? Not in my raw diet.

Im heading off to Phoenix tonight,
got all my camping gear yesterday
and Im packing right now.

For all of you coming this weekend,
my talk will be broken down into two sections:

The first part will be about multi-tasking
while juicing or working out. Im going to demonstrate
some exercise routines that I do and give some tips
to make them enjoyable so we can stay consistent about them.

Forget about a certain technique, the results will
always be found in consistency. The person doing
any kind of exercise consistently will see results far
faster than someone going to a gym using fancy machines
once or twice a week.

I like to improve my mind while I improve my physique,
so I'll be sharing some tips about that as well.

Part two will cover The Model for Living Permaculture Project.
Why, How, Ups and Downs, Plans for the future...
You get the idea, or by tomorrow you surely will.

I'm appearing in some other places as of late too on the web.
Im now a writer for the Huffington Post.
I was shocked and honored to have been contacted by them,
and there will be lots more to come from me over there.
Here is my first post!

Two days ago I had an awesome talk with Dhru
from and luckily the whole thing
was recorded and is now online.
Check the link HERE.
Dhru has brought more mainstream people into
raw consciousness than probably anyone I know of.
We are forever in debt for his commitment
and easy-going, approachable style.

Wish we could have you there this weekend Dhru!

Time is flying by...
off to finish packing.