Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Animal, Vegetable, MIRACLE.

I'm a huge fan of podcasts,
and one of my favorites is a weekly show
on NPR called "Speaking of Faith".
I really love this show.
If you listen to a few of them,
hopefully you will understand why I do.

This particular show features renowned author
Barbara Kingsolver. You might have heard of her.
I had no idea until I heard an interview with her
on this show about a year ago.

It inspired me to start reading the book,
which I am now. Its great.

After about 5 minutes you will see how
relevant this interview is to this website
and to the messages that I'm trying to convey here.

Remember, up until the 1940's
we all ate organic food grown locally
and sustainably. Now, it seems like a luxury
reserved only for the rich and snobby.
Almost as if anyone doing this is some sort
of elitist, when in reality, this IS BY FAR the most affordable
and sane way to live. Elitism is having your water shipped
in from Fiji or Iceland, and eating coconuts from Thailand.

Download the AMAZING podcast HERE.

I really hope you listen. Get in on your ipod if you have one,
or play it while you catch up on your stretching,
or while you are making your green juice. MULTI-TASK.

Learn more about her gardening projects HERE.

Windy day here...my fig tree is getting whipped around...