Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to Work...

Hopefully all of us have been away a
from the computer a little more than usual lately.

Chances are, the weather is good and we should be
making the most of it before the winter brings many of us
back inside again. Winter is great though, good time to catch
up on reading and any other indoor hobby we might have.

Speaking of books, I found a few great ones that I'm
really excited to get into.
Click the title for more info.

"Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"
by Barbara Kingsolver.
I've heard so much about this book, and when I found it NEW
in the discount bin for $5, I had to jump at it.
Really excited for this, and I feel that it would be
really inspirational for any of us looking to grow our
way towards food independence.

"The World Without Us"
by Alan Weisman.
This seems like a fascinating book, and from the
looks of it should be read by any self-proclaimed
enviromentalist out there. It begs the question -
"What would happen to Earth if we all left tomorrow?"
Amazing natural regeneration for sure.

Related sidenote:
This April, when the permaculture project was beginning,
the land where the garden and yard and greehouse would be
was totally barren. I couldnt imagine one weed even growing there
this summer. HOW WRONG I WAS.
There came so many plants out of the seemingly lifeless soil
that I am simply overwhelmed trying to keep it at bay.
If we disappeared, things would get overgrown VERY quickly.

Ive got 11 days before I go to NY...starting the greenhouse
and prepping the trees for winter.

Harvesting lots of tomatoes and cukes now,
also the melons and squash are coming in fast.
I wish I would have grown squash on the back fences,
because they are really shooting out everywhere.
It would have made a nice thick green wall.

Check out the Chocolate Mint...CHARGING!

This was just a small potted plant when I bought it in June...

The trex deck is getting closer to finished too,
here is the foundation and the posts.

35ft in diameter, with eventually a 24ft diameter
Yurt sitting in the back corner.
(The "10pm area" if you imagine that the deck is a clock)
Eventually a big grape arbor will be right in front of us here.

Dont forget to get outside!

Sorry for the wait everyone....