Monday, August 25, 2008

August 24th Update...

When I started this endeavor in late April,
I threw down some sunflower seeds with the remote
hope that something might come of it.

The weather afterwards was cold and dry,
then cold and wet. Not a good spring at all.

But somehow, I've had a few that made it.

Here is the back side of the same flower.
Crazy, right? So cool having these here.

I've got all the trees and surrounding areas
fully mulched. All the raspberry walkways are planted.

I loosen the soil, lay down the wet newspaper,
then cover it all with straw. The only "weeds"
I get are oat grass, which I eat as I pick them out.

The worms love the newspaper, and the soil
becomes aerated and loaded with worm castings.
Work with Nature.

The grapes are doing well too.
Some even have grapes already. WITH SEEDS! YES!

There is nothing better than a trellis or wall
covered in grapes. Every homeowner should invest
in a few vines. I ordered all of mine online, and
most were about $7-10 each. GREAT deal.

That many grapes would sell for $10 at the farmer's market.

Organic corn is in season now too.
I'm not a huge advocate, but when its in season
we will stock up and make lots of corn chips.
Here is the recipe that will convince anyone
that sacrifices are an illusion while going raw.

5 cups freshly cut corn kernels.
1/2 cup ground GOLDEN flax
1/4 cup of diced yellow onion

Mix all in the food processor until you are
totally happy with the consistency (its all up to you),
and then put them in the dehydrator for
about 24 hours to get them really snappy and crispy
just like you remember them.

Spread them thin on the dehydrator though.
You dont want to see the teflex sheet,
but you want them pretty thin.

So versatile...have this with guacamole,
a nice nut-pepper cheese, and some garden fresh
tomatoes and sprouts. Can't beat it!

Greenhouse is now underway...big project but
will be a joy to complete. I've got to get those
fig trees inside and safe this winter,
so the greenhouse is a MUST.

Be well,