Thursday, January 31, 2008

Superfood Smoothie Upgrade v. 2.1

(Hemp Butter, Wild Honey, Maca, Mesquite, Cat's Claw, Astragalus Powder,
Hawthorn Berry Powder, Barberry Root Bark Powder)

Most of us are now familiar with the term "Superfood Smoothie".
Its become quite a common term in the raw food world, and for good reason.
You get a substantial amount of high energy superfoods, packed with vitamins,
minerals, and amino acids...all broken down to a smooth consistency for
easy absorption. Pretty nice, right?

Usually we have our base liquid, whether it be coconut water, an herbal tea,
straight H20, or even coffee for those who still partake.

We add in our nuts and oils...usually whatever you happen to fancy at the time.
I'm a strong proponent of hemp oil and hemp butter,
yet sometimes I'll simply do coconut butter all by its glorious self.

Perhaps a sweetener? Raw Honey (Raw Beegans Unite!), Agave Nectar,
Yacon Root syrup, or maybe stevia if thats what your feeling great on right now...


I've been doing the standard for quite a while now.
Maca, Cacao, Goji, Mesquite, Vitamineral Green, and Cinnamon.

It fills me up, and I can go for well over half a day without even thinking about
consuming anything else...thats how nourished your body feels because of this.

After listening to Daniel Vitalis and David Wolfe about herbs lately,
I decided that it was time to take another step forward.

I want to throw in powerful herbs and dried wild greens into my smoothie.
I started with Ho Shou Wu which I bought in Hong Kong. Here is what it looks like:

Otherwise known as Fo-Ti (TEE).

I then did a massive order from Mountain Rose Herbs and picked up items like:

Astragalus Root Powder, Sorrel Sheep Powder, Barberry Root Bark Powder,
Irish Moss, Icelandic Moss, Pau D'Arco, Cat's Claw, Horsetail Powder,
Hawthorn Berry Powder, Cedar Tips and Berries (read Anastasia!),
Dried Nettle Leaves, Dried Birch Leaves, Kelp Powder,
and a few others.

Most of these items are wildharvested and all are organic.

What do you think? Why not UPGRADE??? I cant pick wild greens
yet because of the season, so why not at least get the
dried form and just throw them into the smoothie?

And with my vita-mix, it all turns into a very smooth
liquid or pudding...depending on how much liquid base I use.

Raw Food is personal Anarchy in the kitchen.
You get to choose what works for YOU.
There are so many options available to you, that to take the advice
of just one person and stick to that idea blindly, would be such a
disservice to yourself. You get to choose! The Guru lies within you.

Throw in some of this...add a little of that...whatever works!
My smoothie this morning was pretty bitter though (ROOT BARK....ewwww)
but a little honey or a date fixes that in no time.
Whatever youre groovin' on right now is GOLDEN. That's all there is to it.

When you know will know how to make my superfood fudge.
Here's a hint though...1/2 part nuts and seeds, 1/2 part dates...maybe a little oil.
Then? ANARCHY. Don't you see? You are the creator!

My superfood recipe may soon pale in comparison to yours.
The answer lies within your already know how to make it.
You just have to remember what works for you.

You'll likely need a food processor though...can't help you with that.
Besides a high-powered blender, a food processor would be my other
essential choice for getting started with this lifestyle.

One more tip though...after making your base for the fudge,
add in everything else by hand and massage it into your base...
constantly thanking the Universe (God, Life, Energy, Love)
for everything in your life...for it all makes you stronger and wiser.
Place those feelings directly into the superfood fudge.
You simply cannot buy that in a store, EVER. are a perfect piece of the divine,
living this particular life in a temporary human shell.
Why not get the most out of it? You deserve nothing but the best!
The best food, the best air, the best water, the best lovers and friends.
If you believe this deep down in your heart, eating junk again
simply becomes impossible. Its about LOVE everybody.
Maybe a little junk here and there doesn't seem like a big deal...
if not, thats totally cool. It's just where Im at on my path right now.
It's all good.

Here is a quote from A Course in Miracles...the lovely Alexandra was wise
enough to put it on her Give it to Me Raw page:

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

Never forget this.



Lovingraw said...

Holy "massive order," I am going shopping at your house! Another great post Anthony, can't wait until I can taste your superfood fudge!

Global said...

Thank you for the salivation that the picture of your Mountain Rose Herb order has bestowed upon me.

Actually, this overall was a fantastic post, thanks so much! :)

Bella said...

Thank you Anthony!

Two questions... first, I've been wondering how long you can keep dried herbs, roots, etc.? I tend to go through phases and then I find some that I'm interested in again, but they've been in my cupboard for who-knows-how-long!

And secondly, I love my Vitamix, but can't decide which food processor to get, there are simply so many. Any suggestions? You've probably been around a bunch of different ones, and thought you may have witnessed some pros and cons along the way.

As always, thank you for your inspiration, and for sharing all of your experiences. I always love it.


. said...

I'm diggin it. I've been more and more getting into studying herbalism myself. There is so much to learn. Pretty damn fun though eh?! I'm going to buy buying some of those herbs soon.

alissa said...

hey anthony

how did you pick which herbs to get? is there a good book that talks about the benefits of all those herbs?

it looks really interesting. though i feel pretty clueless about all that.

Linda Salas said...

your order is very impressive. I was just talking to my hubs this morning about the D Vitalis interview and how it just makes a lot of sense... so gotta go make some cat´s claw suntea to put in tomorrow´s smoothie and/or superpudding... :)

Bueller said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours yet. I will be rereading it a few times for sure. It just rings so true. Very inspirational and I needed that today. Thank you! How do you know how much of each herb to add or does it say on the packages? I love that quote.


wyldegirl said...

So. . . I'm dancing around in my brand new kicks (hemp + recycled tire treads) that i've been waxing on about in one or two of my blog posts. . .

reading your current post and i don't know if it's your words or the Sea Speed I've perfected and can't stop consuming- hence the cacao buzz- or the combination of both. . . but there is some CRAZY synergy flowing around lately. . .

your post is perfectly synchronized (as it often is, HOW do you do that??) with my current thoughts. . . experiments, ideas and recipes. . . I listened to Daniel Vitalis this morning and was even more charged up to make the best elixirs EVER. . . full of herbs and superfoods, but mostly full of love + gratitude + compassion for everything (which includes my own little body + soul!!). . . and I just received Anastasia in the mail this afternoon. . . i'm headed right now to curl up (if i can stop bouncing and dancing) to devour it. . .

i'm so tempted to hop a flight to new york tomorrow or even saturday morning, so i can hang with everyone. . . have the best time!

i think i'm cutting myself off from the cacao, otherwise i'd go on and on. . . but i can't really cut myself off from the powerful high that comes from raw anarchy (i completely want to put this on a t-shirt now, maybe in quotes with your name underneath?!), energy and natural highs that comes from all this warm + fuzzy energy swirling around the world. . .
have the best night. . .cheers
xx jenny

Angela Austin said...

Hi , love your blog, you're so uplifting.

sandy said...


since you love superfoods, you'll get a kick out of the following video animation:

lots of other stuff to peruse on this site too.


wyldegirl said...

i just made my cacao pudding for tomorrow and filled it with cinnamon, maca, sasparilla and burdock root. . . . mmmmm
you're so inspiring anthony!!

Anthony said...

Whoever speaks poorly about ethical beekeeping is sadly ignorant on the issue. It becomes a partnership...not owning and using. Read Anastasia and educate yourself before thinking that the bees are slaves.

Bees will produce 3 times the amount that they need to survive. Did you know that? Its a partnership. Your mind is still stuck in the mode where humans can either dominate or totally ignore animals...symbiotic partnership hasnt occurred to yet obviously.

You can come at us with all your hollow arguments about ethics, but you are basing them on your views of standard (abusive) beekeeping. You are ignorant to the practices of symbiotic organic beekeeping.

Until you educate yourself... - .

Amanda O'Boyle said...

Anthony, that's so neat all those herbs, your dish looks amazing. Last night I ran into that qoute you posted, I think it was by Rumi or Osho? I can't remember, but either way, Its been brought to my attention again.

Thank you

Michelle J said...

Anthony, awesome, awesome, awesome post!!! Need i say more??

shannonmarie said...

Wow, you've gotta share that stash. Good use of the word "beegan." I need that pudding in the pic. The color is brilliant.

-Shannon :-)

Dan said...

Great post Anthony! I just recently found your site through and am blown away by your passion for this lifestyle. It is very inspirational for those of us trying to live the dream. Keep it up!

Tanja Andrews said...

Beautiful, beautiful post, Anthony. This is exactly why I love your blog, so fulla passion and positive inspiration! Just wanted to let you know we did a wee shout-out to ya in the current episode of Freshtopia, and to promise that if we mention you again, it will be in conjunction with the best recipe ever! ; )
Raw Anarchy Forever!!!

Wildman said...

Cacao is acidic and a stimulant (just like coffee), and goji berries were mean't for birds.

I don't know why many raw foodists buy into the "you must purchase these amazing superfoods" raw food gurus give them. Not to mention these products only recently become available on the open market in the past few years "as the next best thing".

I'm tired of raw foodists having blind faith in everything the raw food gurus feed them. Your all slaves to what you read. It's pretty pathetic.

For all you raw foodists and chefs who praise about your natural lifestyle and the raw form of food many of you never seem to question what a high-speed blender / juicer / food processor does to the food you put in them on an energetic level. I believe it kills the living energy!

If using a blender / juicer / food processor was natural they would be growing on trees. Everything man has invented goes against nature.

I'll stick with the basics, and I'll use my own teeth to crunch and chew the food I eat.

Hunter said...

symbiotic organic beekeeping...

what about symbiotic organic hunting?

Charissa said...

Great post, Anthony! Superfood smoothies are becoming the traditional "bread" of raw foodists, that's so awesome.

raw_veganlondoner said...

I have nominated you for an inspirational blogger award for the hard hitting blog. You are a true inspiration and pioneer. collect your award :)