Sunday, January 27, 2008

Questions and Answers

Lots of great stuff coming down the line I thought Id share some (paraphrased) questions.


What about pure raw cane sugar? I'm not even talking about the brown stuff that comes in packets. I'm talking about the raw sugarcanes that you sometimes see kids from other countries sucking on. Have you had any experience with that kind of sugar? What's your opinion on it?


I have chewed on these canes before in HK, and even had them make a juice of one when I was there last year. I realized though that it wasnt really a big deal to me. They boil the canes usually anyways, and Ive heard that the commercial varieties are highly bred to be the sweetest and fattest...nothing like the original archetype. I don't really give it much many better things out there in my opinion. I suppose little shavings would be nice in a salad or something? No clue really...

I would just go with agave or honey. Really though...WILD agave if you can get it. Someone thought I was dissing agave...but its more like I prefer honey over agave, and I dont even do the honey all that much either. Its more about green smoothies and superfood smoothies for me right now. Ill explain that later. Agave is really amazing compared to almost anything out there. I have had yacon root syrup, and I think its great, but because I use so little sweeteners in my daily food intake, I just keep it to honey...maybe agave if Im making a dessert with someone.
And if some sweeteners seem a bit expensive...ask yourself this:
Why am I trashing my body with an inferior sweetener to save a few dollars?
Why don't I care about my well-being more than that?
Thats why most dark chocolate is still so cheap, they use processed cane sugar.
You really do get what you pay for, or at least work for.
Wild greens, for instance, are free...but you have to work for them.
Labor of love...


When you introduce these bees into a non-native habitat, do they displace native insects?


That is a really high quality question...something that I totally didnt consider. We all just assume that bees are good, but are they replacing native creatures? I would surely say so.

Check this article out:

Seems that "native" wild bees still do a great job of pollinating. But with 44 trees, should I risk it? I want a really thorough job to be done. And anyone criticizing beekeeping obviously hasnt participated in an organic bee operation which completely respected the bees. Some tofu-eating vegan who might even still eat white sugar wants to feel morally superior by not eating honey,
but they completely forget that its our most natural sweetener besides fruit itself,
and we have been eating it the longest here on earth.
If we can provide food and shelter for them, can we be entitled to 10% of their take?
We need to create a symbiotic relationship with bees for the well-being of our planet.
Raw honey gathered from organic pollen is amazing, and I will disagree
with any vegan who wants to dish a little soy milk in my face.


What do you do for washing your face?


Hmmm...a lot less than the average person. When your body is so clean on the inside, and your not doing tons of physical activity like in the winter or even anytime,
you can easily get by with washing your face every other day.

I use Dr Bronner's, every other day. Otherwise I will just rinse with some water. Then I might put on some coconut oil...but not usually. Every time I work, the hair and makeup people tell me that my skin is basically flawless. They ask me what I use...I say...

I guess some topical products are really great,
but as long as you are trashing your insides, it matters not what you put on your skin.
TRUE beauty must come from within, both literally and figuratively.

I dont know the premise of the Natural Hygiene lifestyle, but I think what I just wrote fits into that. If your insides are clean by consuming a fresh and clean diet, then your outside just radiates and you have little use for crazy soaps and lotions. I use basically nothing. But when I was drinking milk and eating cooked oils & processed foods, I'd wash my face every day...
...crying about how I couldnt get the acne away...
all the while i was fueling that acne with my unconscious eating habits.


Do you get paid for talking about other people's books or websites? It seems that
you are really passionate about some companies and Im just
wondering if you are compensated for it.


Call me unopportunistic but I havent really delved into that whole area.
I push books and websites and useful products because I use them myself
and have had great results from them..results that I want all of you to experience
as well. Im in this for the love...I am here to help.
Knowing that I am positively affecting lives is worth
so much more than any mad-made currency.

Perhaps down the road I will turn
my career path towards living foods and away from modeling,
but please know that I recommend things because I feel that they
have a strong ability to help you on your path.
This is not to take ANYTHING away from those who are lucky enough
to actually make the raw food lifestyle a part of their career.
PLEASE SUPPORT THEM. They are making it easier for all of us,
and until we live in a world where money no longer exists, (soon?)
most of us still have to pay the bills and feed the kids.

Hold them to a high standard of course, but always try to support them
however possible. They bring living foods to our lives, and they have to
pay the bills. We should all be so lucky to have such a "job".

Where's my royalty check? Daddy needs to by some fruit trees!


On game shows, some people will take the trip to France,
but most people will take the washer dryer pair.

-Chuck Palahniuk - Invisible Monsters


wyldegirl said...

So well put. . . everything really. . . especially regarding white sugar consuming veganism and supporting but still holding to a high standard- people making a beautiful living through raw foods.

And I'm holding fast to my faith that bartering will replace currency in the near (?!) future!

Love it all. . . funny + simple + your truth.
xx jenny

ali said...

I often use pangea organics (right here in boulder, CO!) for handsoaps, lipbalm, lotion (it's dry here in the mountains!) face scrubs and masks (once a week). they have great products and i highly recommend them to readers who do like / need suds. :)

love the blog anthony. I'm from Wisconsin originally and am anxious to see how your project in MN develops.

Bueller said...

So what's in the tasty green drink you go there? Looks yummy! Thanks for all the good info.


Anonymous said...

Divine Roadscape.. is best space of and in between. Light embrace.

April said...

Well, actually in regards to the pure sugarcane, I go to a farmers market close to where I live and the juice the sugar cane for you (right in front of you) and sell it for two dollars per bottle. I have used it in one of my choclate pie recipes and it was good. Plus I feel it is closer to being raw than agave nectar although I still use agave.

Linda Salas said...

just what is. nice.

BreeWee said...

Love it! Your blog is super encouraging! For the past 2 years I have tried to change my eating habits and have come so far... your blog really encourages me to keep going, keep changing-it's for my best life!

tash said...

You are so in this for the love, Anthony. I can feel your energy and feel that is a given. Thanks for your compassion.

p.s. me three, linda and a, raw beegan. :0)

Anonymous said...

hi raw model! i just started reading your blog and have found your site to be really informative and encouraging!
i'm really greatful that your posting. especially your ohnest advice on beauty foods.

oxalic acid. i know what it is, ect. but just wanted to know your thoughts on it. i've read that raw greens do not contain the dangerous oxalic acid, but i've also been told the opposite, that it's only cooked greens that lose the oxalic acid.
what have you heard about this?

wishing you the most wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs have been so helpful. I'm getting my sister into raw food, and because of a lot of the information you put on the blog she is now getting healthy too. So thanks a lot!