Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Afternoon

When you think of vegetarians and vegans, do you view
someone who is frail and pale and weak?

I know for a fact that this very common and justified view
is because most of these adherents are seriously lacking
vital nutrients and protein, because they dont know about
other options that does not include dead animals.

And forget about that whey concentrate factory-farmed JUNK.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was factory farmed...we are free range.

When I went vegan it was for ethical reasons.
I could no longer participate in the death of all those animals
and the horribly wasteful use of resources used to produce meat and dairy.

But as a model, there was no way I could afford to be pasty, frail, and weak.
I had to have the look of total health...but how?

The universe provided me the answer. I was strolling around a thrift shop
and discovered a very old raw food book called "Raw Energy" by Leslie Kenton.
Published in 1982. I read it, and it made complete logical sense.
Read about living foods and you just cant deny the plain logic of it all.

Living Foods and especially muscle-building leafy greens and superfoods were the answer.
I tried it...what did I have to lose? That last 10lbs and a puffy face?

And lo and behold...SUCCESS.

But at first I was doing mostly green smoothies...I needed to learn more.
I got into hemp seeds, different nuts,
green superfood powders, goji, maca, and cacao.

Thank you David Wolfe for bringing your knowledge into my life.

He was the one that showed me the answers that worked for me.

I consume around 2lbs of greens a day, and the superfoods listed above.

Im not some wimpy vegan eating soy burgers and rice milk...
I would never touch tofu-dogs or rice dream ice cream ever again.


Follow the laws of nature, and she will show you love
like you never experienced before. This is MY truth.

Maybe its your truth too. From what Ive learned, it probably is.

People go more need to take insulin.
People go raw...their tumors become benign or dissapear.
People go raw...they lose 140 lbs, even without much exercise.


Add it up kids! This is where its at.

Make this weekend your best yet. Its up to you.



raw by default said...

Have you done a lot of reading on sugar? One of your statements made me curious. Of course, most of the stuff we get here is the white crap... overly processed, stripped of any nutrients, filtered through old cow bones, and highly glycemic. But what about pure raw cane sugar? I'm not even talking about the brown stuff that comes in packets. I'm talking about the raw sugarcanes that you sometimes see kids from other countries sucking on. Have you had any experience with that kind of sugar? What's your opinion on it?

Have a good weekend. :)

Kristen's Raw said...

Right on, Anthony!

Matt said...

Very inspirational. Maybe you've done this already but I'd love to see a typical day's meal plan posted. Supplements, super-foods and all.

Anonymous said...

I think it comes down to your belief on food, and where you live.

If you live in a cold region raw food might not work for you, unless you eat raw animal meat.

Luckily New York is as cold as it gets for you so you won't have that problem, but others might.

There's many raw foodists who see benefits at first, but their health declines over the years until they started adding animal products back into their diet, even those who consumed high greens.

You can check out any raw food forum, it's usually the number one talked about problem.

Just becaus Victoria Boutenko wrote a book about how she thinks we should eat like Chimpanzee's, doesn't make it the right diet for humans.

Also there's still raw foodists who get ill. Bif naked, a canadian singer was recently diagnosed with breast cancer this month. She was a raw vegan.

Your still young Anthony, your active, you eat well, and you clearly have good genes. There's many factors that cause you to feel & look great. Not all of them are because of raw food!

Anonymous said...

hey Anthony, I've noticed you have as much clarity in your eyes and skin as in your mind.

wyldegirl said...

I believe that aging does not equal have to equal a loss of good health. I believe that our genes have very little to do with our state of health and whether or not we contract diseases. I believe, and for more information I would highly recommend researching Dr. Bruce Lipton, that a state of dis-ease is caused by toxins, blockages in the flow of energy and our thoughts.

I believe raw food is not a magic cure-all, but it IS the cleanest and least toxic food you can put into your body. . . it tends to help open the energy flows and the positive thought vibrations. . . all contributing to a state of health and degenerative diseases don't really stand a chance against those factors!!
That said, if your intent isn't positive, loving and compassionate (not forgetting yourself in that intent), all the raw food in the world won't create a healthy body- they must exist together and fortunately they do work in a cyclical effect, each raising the other to the highest levels of positivity and health. . .
x jenny

Anonymous said...

What Matt said to see your plan!

take care,