Monday, January 21, 2008

Los Angeles Day Two

Im all over the place lately...I was out of the city this weekend attending a lecture of Philip from, and then spent time with him and Dhru from We Like it Raw on Sunday. I've been like a madman designing my permaculture site and talking to bee-keepers and watching more instructional videos. Its time to catch up with some posts, yes?


My second day of LA was GREAT.
Again...just keep saying thank you for all the good things in your life,
and somehow good things will keep coming.
I now take at least5 times a day to just stop and say thanks.
Even if its only 1-2 minutes...
Doing this throughout the day is a constant reminder that life is so good,
and that we have so much to be thankful for, and nothing to regret.

I had a shoot with Kohl's. I knew the photographer from before, so that was nice.
Everyone was really cool. During jobs, I always head for the breakfast fruit plate...
(making sure to get my fair share of berries) and then lots of salad for lunch.
Nearly everyone goes for the chicken and cow flesh...
I get the fresh greens and sprouts with tomatoes and for me!

After the shoot was over, a friend of Dhru's and a new friend of mine, picked me up for dinner before my flight. We were going to go to Matt Amsden's Euphoria, but Gabe said that he
had enough time to bring me to Orange Country for a little-known gem.

Au Lac.

Walking in, I had no idea what to expect. Its in the middle of a strip mall in Fountain Valley,
and I was reading the sign on the door looking for the word "raw". Sure enough, there it was.

Its very unassuming as you walk in. Nothing like Pure.
More like a chinese restaurant.
Lots of light, booths and very modest decor.
Gabe was going crazy about this place though,
so of course I put all of my faith in him.

The owner and chef, Ito (sp?) has been on a vow of silence for 8 years.
Think about this. 8 years.
When someone on that level is preparing your food,
you know that youre in for something extraordinary.

We ordered a monster salad called Da' Bowl,
some pistachio bread, and raw paella. RAW PAELLA!?!?

Everything was simply astonishing. I was so impressed.
I couldnt stop smiling as I was eating my food.
We were laughing at how good it tasted. Is it the extra love in the food?

I now make it a point to massage my salads for 5 minutes before I eat them,
and while doing so, I say thanks for all the wonderful people Ive been blessed
to cross paths with. I think about synchronicities , and how I love to
experience each one of excited I get to see little signposts pop up in life.

By doing this, I feel that Im putting positive energy and love into my food.
Maybe this sounds goofy, but let me assure you, its the best way to make a salad.
Try it.

Chopped greens. Add Nama Shoyu, Lemon Juice, and your favorite oil
(or your favorite dressing...whatever it may be)
and just grab it and squeeze it for 5 minutes. It may get a bit messy, but
I assure you that its worth it. Then add in your toppings after that.

Something about it...just like Au Lac. Just something about it.

Ito stopped by our table frequently to have us try new experiemental items on the new menu.
PORK FRIED RICE? He made it with mushrooms and sprouted grains,
but I swear, I was eating pork fried rice that night. It was unreal.

And their desserts? STELLAR.

They chill their pies for over two days because they have it at the warmest setting that will
still allow it to cool and solidify. Simply genius.
Go for the Chocolate X-tacy everytime. No joke.

Make your food with love. Think about everyone wonderful in your life, and
let it be transferred into the food that nourishes both your body, mind, and soul.

My flight was unfortunately very uncomfortable, but it gave me time to
sit in my chair and just be still with my thoughts for a while.
So much noise in our current world...
a little still silence only helps us.

I could have tossed and turned and bitched about the seat,
or I could have accepted it and used that awake time to be still
and say thanks and make plans for the week. Its all about how
YOU view the situation. You are the observer and the creator.

Go visit Au Lac's. Im making it a point to go there every time Im in LA.
The chef could open up a franchise with this, but he prefers to keep it local
and simple for now. Support him if you can, he really makes magic in the kitchen.

Make magic in the kitchen every time you make something...its up to you.



Anonymous said...

W.O.W. on Au Lac's.

Really liked the post on being thankful, synchronicities etc. Fab!

Anonymous said...

I just forwarded this post to everyone I know (none raw) in the LA/Orange County area. Thanks for the great tip! I cant wait to get back home and try it myself...

Bella said...


Thank you so much for all of your uplifting messages! Even if you know these things, it is ALWAYS wonderful to be reminded, and to hear someone else put it into their own words so that you can be re-presented with it in a new enlightening perspective.

Thank you! Thank you!


tash said...

Off to L.A. in a few months for spiritual purposes. Au Lac, eh!?! I will certainly keep it in mind and make it a point to visit! A vow of silence for 8 years? Impressive! (I want to visit primarily because I'd love to catch a glimpse of the chef...or 'mayhaps' even meet him; feel his energy. Wow. Oh, and the food looks beautiful! Yummy, really. I can feel the energy of it from here! Pure vibrations.) THANKS!

ONLY LOVE to One and All (for we are ONE...the ONE in ALL),
tash (the aspiring breatharian)

"There is a small drop of knowing in my soul. Let it dissolve in your ocean."

"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the WHOLE SKY."

goingRAWr! said...

hehe au lac was one of the first raw restaurants i heard of! i was just salivating reading their menu. one good reason to visit LA.

btw what do you think about the whole bee thing? obviously you think it's all right because you're gonna be beekeeping, but i am not sure about where i stand. i think taking food away from a creature that created it for its family is kind of.. stealing. i know you won't be feeding your bees sugar water or pumping them with antibiotics, but do we really need honey in our diet?

enlighten me, dear friend!

:) m

. said...

Dude now that I've read how great it is, I'm bummed I didn't eat there when I had the chance. I might head up there sometime soon. I'm only 30 min away. Also is before Au Lac if your going from LAX to Au Lac. That place is really good also!

Bueller said...

Yummmmmy! I'll check them both out.


Disa said...

Thanks for this post. I have just spent my lunch hour reading your rawesome blog. Keep it coming! I am in North Orange County and somehow always forget about Au Lac. As much as I enjoy Juliano's for that special raw treat I am going to have to venture to Au Lac next time. You are very inspiring. After spewing anger and hate all morning after an argument with the boyfriend your words brought my back to the place where I should be...gratitude. Also, curious about the friend here in LA. I am just a newbie but would love to meet more experienced people in the area.