Monday, January 21, 2008

Life Begets Life

Downloading Ancient Information...

These trees in Borneo are called the King of Trees. Eating the leaves of these
and eating the leaves of a newly sprouted weed is going to give you very different results.
Think of the deep minerals these trees (120 ft tall) have pulled out of the ground...

Anyone ever wonder whatever happened to my terrace garden here in NY?

I left it to the care of my friend...hoping that he would feel the same
bond with the plants that I felt. I believe that he did...
possibly so much that he never ate them!

What is amazing and simply beautiful in a way only nature can be,
is that this little oasis of life high above 2nd Avenue has provided
a home for some mating pigeons.

They are days away from having chicks, and its just wonderful.
My friend sent me these pictures minutes ago, and had to show all of you.
I hope it touches you at least 10% as much as it did me.
This terrace was my space of love because of those plants,
and to see it again nourishing new life gives me
some pretty warm feelings inside.

Sure, pigeons may be deemed ugly and disease ridden, but is it their fault?
They are LIFE...trying to survive and create more LIFE. What can we say?

At least they are doing what they are meant to do, unlike most of us.

Life begets life.
Eat death, fear, stress, fire, and pain...
And you become them.

Eat life, love, high vibrations, joy, radiance...
And you become them.

I cant stress this enough.
It may sound very esoteric, but if you actually try one, then the will know.

Think of all the stress, fear, and pain going through an animal's tissues before it is killed.
Do you want to consume that? Do you want to transfer all of that into your temple?
Do you want your loved ones to keep consuming that?
No more pain, fear, fire, and death. Do it for yourself, and all of us.

As living foods enthusiasts, it is vital that we remember this idea.
It goes much deeper than clogged arteries or extra fat on our stomach.
When we consume love and peace, our minds work on a completely different
wavelength than those that choose to eat the cooked flesh of
stressed, tortured, and horribly frightened sentient beings.

Eat love and peace, become love and peace.



wyldegirl said...

and when we ARE love + peace while consuming the same. . . just picture the ecstatic and world-healing energy generated!
lovely points anthony, as always,
x jenny

Bueller said...

That's really sweet. Great post!


Doug said...

Dude, your words can move me to the core! Thanks for posting! This one is a great read.

-Dougie (still fasting) Fresh ;-)