Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Pt. 1

This was taken in Shenandoah National Park, USA...two years ago. Beautiful spot...great river hiking. Why did I not go there this fall? Crazy....
If a pic is not mine, I'll mention it. Otherwise it will always be my stuff. I just have a litle 5.1 mb Canon Ixy (Elph)...that takes pretty decent shots. Ok....I'm really ready to get back into posting again...lots of ideas lately.

Fair Enough...3 days behind schedule but better late than never.

Ive been noticing that this site is becoming more and more demanding of my time. I feel that its good because this (writing about the raw food and green lifestyle) is my passion right now, as weird or sad as that may sound to some of you out there. I really feel this stuff, and I have felt the immense change that it has given me, and spreading the joy and liberation from sickness becomes a part of one's life after you really reach the other side after going through the transition.

Anyways, I worked on Thanksgiving. Poured wine and passed cooked appetizers to rich people. Some rich couple in the northern suburbs of NYC. Traditional thanksgiving food, I brought home some sweet potatoes baked with pecans for my roommates. I'm much happier that I was on my feet all day on Thursday instead of sitting around pigging out. I ate some kale that was used as a garnish and some crudites from the platter(raw sliced veggies). I brought some stuff with me, so that paid off. Seriously, for these kind of days (if you are finished with cooked food and want to stay alert and radiant), make some emergency superfood fudge with your food processor.

Want to know how?

6 or 7 coconut date rolls
1 cup brazil nuts, or almonds or walnuts or a mix of all
1 cup hemp seeds, or some pumpkin seeds if you cant get hemp right away,
1 tbls of premium green superfood (I like Jameth Sheridan's Mix...and whoever is selling it at the most competitive price)
Now add all these as you see fit...but you get the idea by now...
Cacao Nibs or Powder (Add after food processor mixes up the other ingredients...)
Mesquite Powder
Yacon Root Syrup (never tried this...heard that by itself it is tasty?
Camu Camu Powder (never tried this)
Mint oil...or Cayenne...or Cinnamon...or Vanilla Bean...see where we are going here? You create.
You can also add some coconut oil or more coconut shavings.

This can get you through anything. I was thinking about doing some long hikes and living off of that and wild greens alone.

I think the majority of living foodists would eat some stuff (there are still salads veg dishes and we can always bring our own stuff if we want to) so I cant see how there would be this huge conflict either way. It seems that vegans and vegetarians are so much more militant that living-foodists. We all seem to be just too happy and mellow to get pissed about petty little things.

Think about this. Alkalize?...! Get your greens everyone! 1 lb a day (At least)!

Anthony (listening to M.I.A....check it out...pretty far out stuff...listen to track 7)



raw by default said...

Looks like a beautiful spot for a hike. And that's a very nice photo!

wyldegirl said...

absolutely love m.i.a as well. . . she was hard to find for a few years, now it seems she's getting more attention/easier to get ahold of- yay!

so the potluck was fantastic??

junglegirl said...

My favorite take-along-meal is usually hijiki salad with a spicy vinaigrette and some grated carrot on top. If I need sugar too, I bring a really delicious apple or some banana's. The protein hit from the seaweed is what gives me clean energy in a demanding working situation and is so easy to bring in a little glass 'tupperware' bowl. Try it!