Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Raw Couples and Tree Update

Blended Together -
1 Young Thai Coconut with water
(you know what to do, scoop it out with the spoon...)
Cacao Powder (as much as you like)
Green Superfood (So many, go as pure as possible). Avoid ALL with bran and soy lecithin or apple fiber. Big waste of money. Just buy bulk spirulina or chlorella or blue green algae. There are good blends out there as well so just check the trusted raw websites to find out which ones we're thinking about.
Next...blend it all together until its soooo smooth. Im not going to give a specific amount of durian and cacao powder because this is really up to you. You will know how much you want. You can even throw cashews or macadamia nuts in, even avocado! Have this early though, at LEAST 6 hours before bed.

After its all blended, throw a fierce handful of:
Hemp Seeds (look into Manitoba Harvest Online Bulk, (the best price around and especially to support the best company out there that is promoting organic hemp growth)
And...Cacao Nibs. Look for the Criollo variety. This is definitely the best quality kind of chocolate.
You could easily modify this with bee pollen on top, goji berries or different seeds and nuts. Its really up to the creator of the dish.

with pistachios (and less green superfood)
This is a dish for LOVERS!

There should be some more insight about couples who are living-foodists. Im trying to avoid saying RAW as much as I can, it does have this rough all-too-natural-and SCARY sound to it. So living-foodists...ahh....so peaceful and pleasant sounding....Living-Foodist Model doesnt sound all that great.

Anyways, these couples should be talking about their experiences with transitioning and what they do for recreation and how its changed their lives overall. And how about raising KIDS raw? Ive seen some examples, but I would think that there should be bunches more in the past couple of years. There has to be some kind of study to compare these children to regular kids eating white bread and drinking soda and kool-aid. This would convince more parents to switch over than anything else could.

How about those fruit trees? Did anyone happen to check out those fruit tree sites that I posted earlier? I bought alot of smaller ones from Peaceful Valley, but after looking at Willis Orchards, I've discovered all these trees for sale which are already 6-8ft (2-2.5m) Tall. So you are getting your valuble pesticide-free-fruit in much, MUCH less time. True they are more expensive, but if you consider the value of all the fruit you will get compared to buying the same amount, its much closer, if not a cheaper price. Think about persimmons and figs! Or guavas and jujube trees! Damn!....those are so cool, and so expensive...so if you have loads of these...Think about it - if they are charging $8/lb for them here in the states, you could have yourself easily enough to pay for the tree. And they will keep producing for a very long time. So GOOD.

If you or someone you know ends up getting some fruit trees, Id love to hear about the story. I'm planning on getting from Willis Orchards the Italian Everbearing Fig, 1 of each Paw Paw, Black Mulberry, and maybe try a Hachiya Persimmon since I'll have the greenhouse to keep it warmer in winter. I also ordered Walnut trees. Remember, this is just because of my area. I would get an avocado tree in a second if I knew I could grow it where I live.
The whole idea is that with the right storage, you can eat off of your own piece of land 365 days a year. With good year-round food growing techniques and a dehydrator you can do it. Nuts provide the fat. Hemp seed would be the perfect fat to have, but walnuts or almonds would be do-able.

I can't grow olives in Minnesota either, but those trees would be a definite selection if I lived in the right climate. Many of you probably do, so look into those, along with avocados!.

Have a good Tuesday evening! Its the best night to eat out! No weekend rush, so you know your food is cared for, and the food is fresher. Some places are always fresher, but most will buy in bigger shipments and hold food for days and days before serving it. If you or your friend eat fresh fish, I wouldnt go out to eat on Sundays or Mondays...think about it...



Jennifer said...

raw couples...hmmm...well, i know of one couple i can think of who transitioned from vegan to raw and they recently had a child together. i haven't seen the baby yet, but i've heard that it was the smoothest pregnancy and birth imaginable: the mommy suffered no morning sickness, ankle swelling, mood swings, etc. i hear the child is an absolute angel, peaceful, calm, a doll. i know that mom and dad work hard to adjust their lifestyles in accordance with their diet--no small feat.

as for me, i can attest that i've seen living foods children when i was in jamaica a few years ago - kids whose parents ate raw way before conception thru birth, etc. and i can tell you that they GLOW. i mean, there's nothing like it, they are so full of light and love and purity, unearthly, really. they're light-years away from american kids! i found myself feeling a little envious and wishing i, too, were a child again, so i could go run and play with them.

finding a guy who is also into living foods is really hard...i think there are far more women who are into this lifestyle than men...when will the kings wake up?!?! hopefully soon...can't wait on them, tho, just gotta keep doing my own soulwork. all love always in all ways, anthony, travel light! BLESS.

raw by default said...

Wow... that green stuff is... green. LOL! I'm still getting used to eating foods that are so vibrant. My diet was beige for an awfully long time.

I'm not sure there is that much insight about "living-foodist" couples, since there probably aren't that many. It seems that there is a certain amount of isolation that goes along with this lifestyle (at least at the moment... but hopefully that will change in the future). I would be interested in seeing the differences between raw kids and SAD kids, though. It's data that could change the world (at least for those who wanted to listen).

Jenny said...

so far, i've been able to keep being independent and strong in my lifestyle. . . and the guys i've been lucky enough to be in relationships or be around are either eager to try the food or at least learn about it. . . although not one of them has ever said they would be entirely raw. Which is fine. . . i'm accepting of everyone's choices, but it's hard when you care about someone to watch them put things that i believe to be toxic and to put it bluntly- poison into their bodies. But i've learned to only get on my soapbox when asked. . and have been pleasantly surprised by how much people really do want to know about raw food and the benefits! Yay!

I agree with another post which lamented the scarcity of raw males. . . because it would be nice to snuggle in with someone eating from the same dish and feel like they really like it and aren't just doing it because you like it! Someday. . . until then we'll just keep being strong and influential and glowing!!!!

Raw Vegan Family said...

No raw couples, but my daughter had a raw pregnancy, eating a case of bananas every week, gained 48 pounds, and lost every ounce within two weeks of giving birth to an almost 9 pound baby.

I have lots of pictures of my chubby, healthy little 3 year old grandson, never had shampoo, soap, lotions, or creams on his skin or hair, and refuses to have his hair cut, on my blogs, Naked Food Cafe, and Banana Island.

Just wait until these raw babies grow up! Look out world!

Thanks for all the effort you put into your writing, it is appreciated. :)

Big Hugs!