Monday, November 5, 2007

Raw, but Unbalanced

Fresh Cherries tossed in a mixture of:
Hemp Seed
Cacao Nibs
Agave Nectar
Hemp Oil.

The Best. Works with apricots also.

These are the kind of dishes you just start to imagine. There was really no set recipe, you just work with what you have on hand. With raw foods you can really become an alchemist with your many "raw" materials to work with...haha

I stayed raw this weekend, but was eating LATE and heavy. Really low on the greenery scale and way too many nuts and seeds. I ate that whole FIG (I just corrected this after WAY too long)-coco tart right after I made it! It was soooo good though. But way too much. When you live alone you don't have your partner there to share it (the raw dessert) with...or to have them nearby to tell you to stop being a pig and not to eat that whole raw pie! Haha...I need that person every so often to keep me in line, because I really do pay the price afterwards. The weather was hell this Saturday here in NY, and I just stayed inside the whole time. That's really rare for me. I have to admit it, but its just SO depressing riding that subway around. The bike was quick freedom, and now everything is in slow motion when it comes to getting around.

I walked down to Chinatown from 21st St and bought a durian. I walked over to this basketball court area on Grand and Allen or Chrystie St down in the Lower East Side. I was watching these young 20-somethings play polo while riding on their single-speed bicycles. Young women and men playing was really great to watch. I felt like such a lazy spectator though. Here they were, so active and having a good time with friends, and there I was, eating a durian (awesome) in the park alone(not awesome).

I gotta give my mom that damn dehydrator too. Its just too convenient to make all these amazing raw treats, and then since my dehydrator is easily within my reach from this desk that Im typing on...its just too easy to eat a pound of raw granola in 30 min. NOT GOOD.

She (my mom) will be able to experiment a bunch more with it as well, so its best that she has it. Once you really start using it, and always have items in there...rotating all these different really gets a person excited about living-foods. This is what can really help a new person transition. The crackers, and crusts, and cookies, and chips...SO much easier to leave the cooked side.

So whats worse? Eating heavy raw fats and superfoods late at night, or being 90% raw instead of 100%? I have to tell you, even at 100%, with a diet like I had this weekend, it really made me more lethargic that the usual green smoothie fresh fruit diet that I have been doing lately. Keep this in mind everyone.

A reader of the blog recently asked me if I have ever had any tooth pains since going raw. Nothing yet, but I havent experienced any eyesight changes either like some have. However, I have not been 100% the entire time either. We could be in the realms of LONG term change when we mention teeth and eyes. Usually when I end up traveling somewhere I try some local dishes. So my 100% for many times of the year is more like 90-95%, some rare days much less than that.

Ive eaten a ton of goji berries for extended periods of time though, and didnt notice any changes. But I would honestly believe that it takes a longer time before the change comes. I do believe after years and years of goji berries, senses like eyesight and hearing will definitely be different. 3 years of my experience as raw (usually 100%) shouldnt be considered yet as a source of long term changes.

Here's a thought...Living-foodists might be one of the smallest minority groups out there today. In per capita numbers, the living-foods percentage must be beyond minuscule. All the more reason to stick together for when we need support. Keep on brainstorming about get-togethers to watch related movies and having potlucks, lets really use the internet to our advantage.

Im about to watch some more episodes of "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" . I know there are those out there that would never ever watch a tv show ever again, and especially not a comedy sitcom! Well...its good to laugh, and this is really smart humor. I've found myself laughing out loud many times. Check it out if you'd like, I dont think you would regret it.

So Im gonna try to post every other day. Lets shoot for 3-4 a week...that way I wont run out of steam so fast. Many times the ideas just flow, and I cant reason to just sit on them for a while. So we'll see how this goes. Lots of plans for my Permaculture project in Minnesota too...much more to come.


Sarah Butterfield said...

WHERE did you find a durian in chinatown? I went there the other day to see what they looked like in real life but all I couldn't find any! I think this was Saturday. I was only on Canal street since I'm not too familiar with Chinatown and I didn't want to get lost.

Linda in the Raw said...


I'm feeling ya on the overt fats. I'm trying to get back to greens and veggies after about a month of a mostly fruitarian diet and it's so hard to find raw recipies w/out nuts! Your friend Dhrumil pointed out that I was getting virtually no greens, what was I thinking?!

Then, for whatever reason, I had 2 large avocados today and I felt like I ate cooked food! The raw community definately needs to move away from all the heavy fats and nut recipies...

Don't beat yourself up about the weekend, the seasons are changing and our bodies are craving different things right now. Shoot, I ate 2 avocados today!!

Your blog is great, keep it up!

Jenny said...

i have to say that when i'm checking email, doing work on the computer, listening to npr news, etc. as i'm progressing into my morning. . . yours is one of the bookmarks i check and with every updated blog, i grow more and more psyched to read written manifestations of the thoughts jumping around in my own head!

your musings and experiences are very similar to my own and i'm sure to many others, we're all perfectly flawed humans trying to live simply and beautifully, without rules and negativity. . . and you're doing a great job at putting it out there. Also at inpsiring me to try and network, and share a bit more. . . as i'm not surrounded by many others living a raw lifestyle and while family and friends are up to trying the things i make and accepting of how i live, it's not exactly the same and for the first two years of going raw, i found myself alone, hiking or at the gym most of the time because SO much of our social lives are based on food and drinking! and you don't necessarily realize it until you make a drastic change such as going raw. . . but i'm digressing. . .
i've been thinking about a move to new york for awhile now and it would be nice to have pure food and wine, and quintessence, etc. right there as well as a few more people to connect with- as coastal maine (while beautiful and always home to me) is a bit harder!

This is my roundabout way of saying, once again, thank you for putting your thoughts out there and being an inspiration in so many small but important ways. . .

Jennifer said...

awww, linda's right, anthony, the seasons are changing and the planets are a little kooky right now. i don't know how much you know about the mayan calendars and beliefs but this month is ESPECIALLY crucial strike me as an extremely compassionate person and in my experience, those who are really sensitive sometimes struggle with giving themselves that same gentle touch they can so easily show others. the weather changes in ny always made me melancholy and even out here in san diego, it gets chilly, cloudy and a bit depressing (wah, wah, i know i can't really complain caz it's nowhere near as intense as the city).

i've been eating later at night than is good for me as well--raw strawberry ice cream (not sure how legit those raw cashews are) with homemade chocolate sauce, nori wraps with cucumbers, pink salt and dried habineros--but i'm letting myself get away with it caz my moondays are coming. this cycle is particularly emotional and intense, just lotsa stuff silting up and out...

on a different note, i'm pretty stoked caz i intend to celebrate thanksgiving by doing my FIRST master cleanse (got my glass mason jars, need to pick up my tongue scraper, heh). ^_^ it's my own way of giving thanks by remembering that not everyone in this world has the luxury of fasting, many are STARVING for good nutrition (and not just in third world countries). plus i know this process will serve to further ground and center me in my raw resolve, very helpful in heading home to face tables of cooked food.

hopefully you'll get a chance to connect with your girl soon. i know HK can be so very far away at times.

easy come, easy go, let it ride and let it flow...BLESS.

"the more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during war."
~chinese proverb

raw by default said...

I learned a valuable lesson about heavy raw foods over the weekend, too. Despite some raw foodists' claims that you can eat as much raw food as you like, higher-fat foods (such as nuts) should be taken in moderation!

Anonymous said...

Greens for life! Did you all know that citrus fruits are actually suppose to be green? Just came across this blog post...

But we know oranges as being orange, and lemons as being yellow, but when their grown in their proper environment, and don't have gases and other crap to sprayed on them to change their color, they ar green!

So it makes me wonder if I should be eating these yellow or orange fruits that are acidic! I wonder if a green orange/lemon is balanced and is more alkaline? Green is also the color of the heart chakra (the center of your being where balance exists). The most important chakra. It's the zero point of physics.