Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We Like It Raw Interview + Thoughts on Raw Love

We Like It Raw

This is my first recorded interview, and I feel that it came out better than I could have hoped for. Dhrumil was a pleasure to chat with, and his interview skills are really strong. Please listen to the interview, or put it onto your Ipod for later.

I didnt know what questions were coming, but the answered flowed out pretty smoothly. Hopefully its the first of many more.

Now...Thoughts on Raw Love

Ive received some extensive comments on the Raw Love issue. Most were supportive, and some claimed that I was judgmental and focused too much on diet when other traits are more important.

I dont mind anonymous comments because it allows people to vent without having to be a blog writer themselves, and gives them some more freedom in what they have to say. This is good, and I welcome it.

I think most of my writings were dealing with new couples...people on the dating scene. In those cases, diet and animal cruelty issues can be deciding factors. However, if a couple has been together for years already, and one decides to become raw and the other chooses not to, I don't believe that the issue is strong enough to sever an otherwise healthy relationship. Of course though, humans are wonderfully complex, so we all have our own viewpoints.

I feel that we, as intelligent human beings, should be evolved enough to know that raising and breeding animals so we can later kill and dismember them to eat their flesh (sorry for being graphic, but lets face it...thats what we do) IS SIMPLY CRUEL, WASTEFUL, and INHUMAN. I make no apologies for that. I'm not going to support it, and I wouldn't be life partners with someone that didn't see anything wrong with it. Sure, I have friends and family that still eat meat (WE ALL DO) and I will always love them for all their good points. One the food issue, at this point we will have to agree to disagree. I don't want anyone to feel that I'm judging them as they are eating a chicken sandwich in front of me. I don't mind...we are all on our own path, and we will make decisions to change or stay as we see fit. No worries...

That being said, its quite obvious that we love to defend our loved ones. One man who is a vegan has a wife that still eats meat. He doesn't see the problem with it, and naturally he shouldn't because he is her husband. BUT...she is still eating a defenseless animal that was killed so someone could later clog their arteries. Let's be objective, shall we?

1. Modern Science proves that our body type is that of an herbivore. We evolved on that diet for MILLIONS OF YEARS, and the fact that our digestive system is completely opposite of carnivores shows that meat is not for us. Meat is very new to us, and fire is even more recent.

2. The amount of food and water that an animal consumes before it is slaughtered is VASTLY higher than that needed to grow vegetables and fruits. In a world of limited resources, why are we still wasting it so incredibly? It blows my mind.

3. Watch the movie "Earthlings" on google video or buy it online. Joaquin Phoenix is the narrator. It shows our violence towards animals, and where our food really comes from.

I dont know if raw foodists have a superiority complex because their diets are far more ethical than 99.99% of the rest of humanity, or if they simply wish for everyone to experience what they have experienced. I would assume and am seriously hoping for the latter. I wouldnt be happy if the mainstream saw us as fundamentalists. That's not going to help anyone...and we are all in this together.

But look at the can anyone keep supporting this madness, especially when it's so bad for our bodies? And its not just meat...its all the processed junk that they feed us so we become tired, and our brains become slower, and we can become easily manipulated into living mediocre lives. It's time to rise above all of that, no?

As always I welcome comments and feel free to just say hello. I'm going to be in Minnesota for a four day weekend, so this is probably the last blog until Sunday night.

Peace for ALL exceptions.


Shredded Red Beets, Shredded Golden Beets, and Monukka Hunza Raisins. So easy, and SOOOO good.


Heidi and Justin said...

Shredded Red Beets, Shredded Golden Beets and Hunza raisins....

It's the official raw food dish of the Golden Gophers!

Go U of M!

(Sorry, just a bit of MN humor there. I'll stop right there.)

Have fun this weekend!
~ Heidi

Dhrumil Purohit said...

I was dating this girl for a while who was eating meat and when we would kiss I would get little blisters in my mouth. She was hot and a great person, but damn, talk about the kiss of death.

Keep the blog posts coming! I've added you on automatic circulation via our quickies page:

Carolyn J. said...


You are awesome. I came across your blog as a result of listening to your interview. Wonderful!!!

It is clear that you know the reason you are here-to learn, evolve, and master life this go-round. As it is also clear that authenticity is your aim, I will still say you are the next David Wolfe-with respect to your ability to tell the truth and be open with regard to who, what and where you are...and at the same time enlighten those who resonate with you!

Your are clean, cool, honest, spiritual, beautiful, and, of course, rawkin' say the least.

Keep it coming...I will definitely grow along with you.

Much love and many blessings,

Molly said...

Hey Anthony,

I just listened to your WLIR interview, and read some of your blog posts...just wanted to thank you for your honesty and extremely positive attitude. You provided me with some much needed inspiration and focus. I agree with Carolyn...keep it coming, keep doin what you're doin. Thanks for your authentic voice.


Courtney Pool said...


I'm so glad I found your blog! Beautiful writings. Thank you for all that you are!


Anonymous said...

Hey bro,
Loved the interview on WLIR. If you really want to experience clean air and wild foods, go to the Big Island Hawaii. I could actually FEEL individual bronchial tubes in my lungs there. There is also a very strong transformational energy there which can make for some powerful spiritual experiences. Thanks for your passion.

Joy said...

I fully appreciate you in all that you are doing and for exposing us all to the truth. Reading your blogs is like a reawakening of the soul. So many things you write completely resonates with me. And is such an encouragement as I'm trekking my way through this raw lifestyle.

I just finished watching Earthlings and I cried through the whole first half. I had to stop watching it to gain some composure. And yet I knew I had to continue to the end so that I won't be ignorant. And it's so sad how humanity is losing our humanity for the love of money (it's the root, fam).

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks, for your dedication in providing us with, what I call "Bittersweet truth chips".