Monday, October 8, 2007

Questions and Answers

Some Wild Mini Apples I picked in the Hudson Valley of NY

Luckily, I've been getting a good amount of feedback and questions these days, and Im more than happy to reply and please feel free. I spend enough time on the internet as it is, so why not?

Here are some questions Ive been getting lately, Ill leave out the emails addys of course.



I wanted to say that I admire your healthy ways. When did you realize you had to eat raw and green? And how do you detox your body? Does cayenne and lemon really work? Did you ever hear of the mastercleanse?

-Laura S

Hi Laura...thanks so much for saying hello...

I came across the raw food diet in November 2004. I made friends with a produce manager at an organic health food store, and he started giving me all the unsellable produce that they were going to get rid of. They get shipments every couple of days, and they have to keep the freshest stuff on the shelf, so usually really good stuff is thrown out. So wasteful...but I took advantage of it. Minor cosmetic damages like a little dimple in an apple..etc.

So I started making LOTS of green smoothies. I wanted to feel full but still get more lean. After two weeks of about 64oz a day of green smoothies, I was feeling so alert and alive...I couldnt believe it. And then I found this old raw food book in some thrift store. It was like I was supposed to find it. So I played around with it for a while...90% usually, maybe more.

The following Jan I did the master cleanse with my mom and again, I felt SOOOO good. You have to do it. But remember, only fresh lemons. No bottled lemon has to be cooked to stay on the shelf, so it is DEAD. The magic isnt there. Ive done a master cleanse with bottled juice before and it was totally disappointing. The last time I did the master cleanse was last october. I did it for 11 days with green juice as well. By day 4 I was completely back to where I wanted to be. Feeling so light and alive and awake. Getting up so quickly out of bed...such a great feeling. The first few days are hard, but just keep going online to read about it and get support. Alot of people make youtube videos of each day of their cleanse. I would HIGHLY recommend this. And instead of maple syrup, I would go with agave nectar now. The author who created the master cleanse wrote the book long before agave nectar was popular, so he advised to use grade b maple syrup. I had great results with it, but it was better later on with the agave. You really start to love the flavor, and I still drink the master cleanse mixture every day before breakfast and before bed. Cayenne is highly alkaline and lemons are absolutely amazing. They are so alkaline and mucus dissolving that its just ridiculous. The best ways to detox is to get lots of fiber to move out the junk, and highly alkaline green juices and green smoothies to cancel out the acid condition present in the toxic body. Disease needs acidity to thrive...if you are alkaline, youre likely not going to suffer from much.

Good luck and please stay in touch!


Anthony -

First, good for you to be making such efforts and publishing them to influence others to go better.
BUT, maybe think things out before you post. You say about the fashion industry that we can support the designers without having to buy more of their product ("My girlfriend is in the fashion-design industry, and I do respect the artistry and the unfathomable level of skill that is required to create these pieces. I'm more about questioning the non-stop buying of it. We can support those artists and still not have to purchase many more pieces of clothing at this point.") ? OK, how? How you propose to support your fashion desinger girlfriend if no one buys the clothes? And it is obvioulsy a conflict of interest for a FASHION MODEL who can make $25, 000 for a Ralph Lauren advert to suggest that consumers stopobuying clothing. You are making your living selling clothing and junk made in CHINA from Target. You should quit maybe and work for a non-profit?

Hey Mish, thanks for saying hi and asking the hard questions.

At this point, we should treat new clothing made by real artists like paintings or sculptures. We should be buying pieces directly from the designer, and maybe buying one or new pieces every year. There is already so much made out there already, am I wrong?

My hope is that I can use modeling to gain credibility in the Raw Food/Green Industry. At first. my whole goal was to make enough to set up my sustainable living project and start traveling. I started doing it all 3 years ago for the freedom and the traveling.

OBVIOUSLY its a conflict of interest. I know so many people in this industry who really love what they are doing. Many are very talented artists. Designers, Photographers, etc. The industry provides many, many jobs. The only question Im asking is: "Is there something more beneficial that we could all be doing for Humankind and this planet instead of creating advertising and selling stuff? I think this applies to 99% of the work-force out there now. Is there something we all could be doing instead? Something more enjoyable and beneficial to all? True, we have to "Pay the Bills" but who said we cant do away with that either?

And besides, most of the other male models I know would blow their earnings on cars, booze, or women, while Im developing a sustainable way of life and using it to free myself from work so I can teach others how to do the same. Should I work in an office instead for the next 20 years and pay taxes that fund bombs and evil empires? Would that be more beneficial for everyone?

Of course I make myself a very easy target when I, as a male model, speak critically about the fashion industry. If I was in banking, retail, service, or just about any other line of work, I could practically say the same things anyways.

But I am a citizen of this planet first, and that is where my logic is. Is your job sustainable or beneficial to humankind? Does my job really negate my viewpoints?

And Im developing a non-profit at the moment called "One Hundred Million Trees".
It will be online soon at If I had a regular job I don't think I would have the time or energy to work on these other projects.




I came across your blog via "Raw Food, Right Now" and I must say, It makes me happy to see once again that I am not the only crazy person drawn to this lifestyle of, living green and traveling. Kudos! Keep it's a great inspiration!


Thanks Ian, youre site is the best, and youre a big inspiration for me to get out and start living 100% again. Hopefully we will cross paths one day.

Hey there, I like your website and really am jealous of the nice little garden you have going.... I've been thinking of making one but my neighbors tend to throw food out of their window above me..... horrible i know..... anyway... just thought i'd say hello, it's so hard being raw without knowing others who are.... I've always been a bit if a health nut and hoped that some of it would just rub off on my friends....but i've now just decided i need to meet more like minded people..... anyway... just thought i'd say hello.... i look forward to swapping some recipes:)
Joni Sue... Do you live above me?
Haha... Anyways, I know what you mean. Each of us is on our own path and we will discover what we need to when the time is right. One idea - David Wolfe often quotes Emerson in his it is: "Your Actions speak so loudly that no one will hear a word that you are saying." Live the example. The less you say, and the more you live, the more your loved ones will see it and be attracted to it. I used to preach directly (now I use this :)...) but I noticed that if you live VIBRANTLY and FULLY...people will notice, and thats all there is to it. Pretty soon they will be asking you for tips. is the best way to make direct connections with those already turned on to raw food. Ive gone to two meetups already and Im kicking myself for not doing it years ago. Do you have any other windows that you can put plants nearby? There are also nice little indoor setups that you can get to at least grow fresh herbs as a hobby. The garden on my friend's patio (the one pictured) gets about 6-7 hours a day of sunlight. Not so much, but enough. Thanks for saying hi!

Shaved beet and carrot salad with seeded raisins, cashews, cucumbers, mushrooms and swiss chard. Tons of fiber and SOOOOO good.


Kristen's Raw said...

Great questions and answers! Loved reading this post.

Kristen's Raw

Fitnessdiva said...

there's so much peoples who have conflict of interests in their jobs. I do believe that listening to tv alienate everybody and before my bus accident, my emplyer was... a dish telecommunication company. ;)

If i have your physique, I'll do the same thing, getting good money for future projects, much more interesting.

P.S. You look so healthy, I just can't wait to begin my raw food journey to get my health back. You bet, a deadly accident is not funny but hey... because of that, I discovered raw food. :) Thanks to give me motivation!

Sunshine said...

Hey Anthony,

Thanks for answering those questions in your post, very informative! I think you're super, and while your profession might seem like a conflict on interest, you are surely supporting positive change on this planet!

I think so enough I mentioned you on my blog if you care to check it out :)

Wishing you lots of joy as you drink all those green smoothies.... yum!


Emma said...

i just found your blog a couple of days ago but now check it every day. i have another questions for you... do you ever get colon hydrotherapy? I know that people like Natalia Rose are big advocates. Or do you think that the body just takes care of that stuff enough on its own? Can't wait for your next post!