Friday, October 5, 2007

The Green Smoothie

Whether You Eat Raw or Not...the Green Smoothie is Essential

1. It has a huge serving of leafy greens, which contain chlorophyll, tons of minerals and enzymes, and all that natural fiber.

2. It has at least two servings of fruit, so you get a great taste and natural sugars which are slowly released into your body for hours and hours because of all the fiber.

3. It is blended smooth, so all the nutrients can be absorbed MUCH more easily. Its like chewing your food for a half hour.

4. All that fiber fills you up. I have one for breakfast and Im not hungry until well after lunch time. Plus, no sugar cravings. It keeps my blood-sugar stable so I don't get out of whack.

Here are three green smoothie recipes that I like to make.

1. Cilantro, Avocado, Orange, Lime, and Honey/Agave Nectar

One full avocado, one full orange and lime, as much cilantro as you can stand, and as much honey or agave nectar you need to make it sweet. I love this one, creamy and full of sweet citrus, plus the cilantro gives it a great added flavor. I used to use a half bunch of cilantro, now I use probably 3 times that. If the cilantro is too strong, add more spinach (its very neutral).

2. Pear, Parsley, Apple

Again, the idea is to get as much greenery in there without it repulsing you. One or two full pears, and keep adding more parsley until you are happy with it. The apples are optional, but Ive found them to add a nice flavor and they go well with pears. Also, a squeeze of lemon seems to help as well.

3. Arugula, Pineapple

Sounds crazy right? Try it! Smooth and spicy, yet sweet and tangy. Probably my favorite one at the moment and really quick. Usually one bunch of arugula goes well with 1/2 a pineapple.

The beauty of raw food is the flexibility. Its really hard to mess up recipes, because you can just add more of something else to balance it out. Another thing to balance is sea salt. I use Celtic gray, and found some great black Hawaiian sea salt at Trader Joes recently that Ive been using. I prefer the Celtic gray though. Just a pinch to balance out the sweetness. So...too bitter? Add fruit. Still too sweet, throw in some more greens and a little pinch of sea salt. You gotta love really cant screw it up.

I would highly recommend watching Victoria Boutenko's DVD called "Greens Can Save Your Life". It covers the green smoothie in depth and she backs up her info with primate studies and nutritional testing. Here is her daughter talking about the family story:

Valya Boutenko 1
Valya Boutenko 2

So even if you're still eating processed foods and meat, if you can get your green smoothie in every day you will increase your vitamins, minerals, and fiber by leaps and bounds. Sorry to use the cliche, but really...LEAPS AND BOUNDS.

When I started out, I had a cheapie blender and was trying to blend cabbage, kale, apples...and whatever else I could get. I didn't have any guidance on it, because I didn't even know that books about raw food really existed. Take advantage of the and the internet in general has a treasure trove of raw food info.

More thoughts on exercise next!
And some permaculture news as well....

Go Raw Now Trailer

I'm not sure who made this, and I think the main blonde guy is a little cheesy, but its a good message. Its worth watching for sure.

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Linda in the Raw said...

I like your blog and I LOVE green smoothies! My fav right now is spinach, banana, and fresh squeezed organic oj, it's awesome! Mango is also a nice touch for thickness and succulence. I added you to my blogroll, keep it up!