Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ode to My Bike, Hemp seed, and Hypocrisy

Sept 2006-Oct 2007

You came into my life so quickly, and left me even sooner. I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye.

I'll always remember our special times in Central Park...our late nights downtown when no one was around to bother us...

You taught me what real freedom meant, when it came to getting around the city.
And you taught me to DESPISE taxi drivers. I'll never forget that.

And I'll never forget you. You taught me how to love (bicycling) to feel the wind in my face and the car exhaust in my nose. Getting from point A to point B was nothing but a thrill with you.

My only hope is that you will make someone as happy as you made me. Thanks for the memories...

Yes, dear friends. The Universe giveth, and the Universe shall taketh away. I had such a great day otherwise. I met with my new friend Autumn from Manitoba Harvest, and had a chance to show her around the Union Sq. Greenmarket and get her some AMAZING Hudson River Valley Apples for her trip home. She has been with Manitoba Harvest for quite some time now and she REALLY knows her stuff. Honestly everyone, we really need to start making hemp our number one fat and protein source. This stuff is simply amazing.

And you should be aware of this as well, other companies like Nutiva are simply virtual companies that buy products from other producers and repackage them so they can sell it for so much more. I had NO clue about all of this. What this leads to is that suppliers start taking months to stock up enough hemp seed for their big Nutiva shipment, and that means very UN-FRESH hemp seeds. Luckily, Manitoba Harvest produces their own hemp seed and ships it out right after production. Added to that, is that they are a huge force in the hemp industry. We have to get hemp legalized here in the states. Its really a miracle plant. Study it and you'll know what I mean. And try some of their Hemp seed Butter with some apples and tell me what you think. I was blown away. Simply the best EVER. back to the bike. As we were walking around, some poor soul decided to cut my bike lock and take my lovely ride away from me. I feel that it was never really mine though...I was merely its keeper for a short while. I got the bike for next to nothing because it was in really bad shape and used to belong to someone who didnt even want it anymore, and then put only about $100 into it. Besides one replaced tire, I bought a bike pump (which is still in my room) and a clip-on bike rack (also still in my room).

So, easy come...easy go. Thats the flow of the Universe and if we cant grasp that fact we are just setting ourselves up for disappointment throughout our entires lives. Nothing is permanent, and we can never really OWN anything. Not material stuff, and not people either.

I have to look at the bright side...I had many close calls recently. Some were my fault for being too risky and aggressive in traffic, but more were because of careless pedestrians and other bicyclists going the wrong way. And with the weather getting wetter and colder, and the roads becoming more slippery, there is an excellent chance that I would have ended up seriously hurting myself and/or someone else. So this is really a blessing in disguise.

I saw that the bike was gone, I shook my head, and went down into the subway and bought a one-month pass. I was really happy with how well I handled it. I could possibly be dead right now if I would have biked up to my casting on 57th Street like I was supposed to. It was rainy today, so you never know. We just have to see the perfection in the entire process. And hey, its one less material possession to worry about and have to maintain, so that cant be all bad.

Also, I was experiencing some serious road rage with cars lately, especially taxis. I would get REALLY worked up as I was being cut off or squeezed out by vehicles. This stress obviously was creating an acidic condition in my body, and I'm sure was preventing me from reaching true alkalinity, which is the point of all the greens I consume.

All things considered, this is probably a good thing. I still want to do my long-distance NYC-Minnesota trip in May, but we'll have to wait and see. My mom doesn't want me to go at it alone, but I don't know of too many people that are willing to miss 3 weeks of work to bike 1500 miles.

And now...for some Hypocrisy!!!

Well...more like, me trying to explain my so-called hypocrisy.

Once in a while, I get an email from someone calling me a big fake because I happen to be a model. That I don't have the right to be green or criticize industrial civilization because I happen to be in catalogs and once in a great while, on a billboard. One person recently said that his parent's small business went under because of Target, so for me to help sell their products (as if they need my help) is REALLY wrong.

1. You are assuming that I am somehow keeping Target afloat by me modeling for them? Like they need me...? If it wasn't me, it would be 100 other guys. This is a bad excuse, but let's be realistic here. Target hires thousands of models every year. I did that job over two years ago. I use the model aspect to promote raw food because raw food really does increase physical beauty. Its a big factor for young people when it comes to making the switch to a raw food lifestyle. Especially those that haven't been mauled by sickness yet. Beauty is a big motivational issue for them, and let me tell you, raw food delivers.

I have struggle with this issue for years now. I started reading Adbusters Magazine
and immediately felt like the biggest fraud. I knew that I was a part of the problem. But aren't most of us? Until we are living in Eco-villages growing all of our food and spreading knowledge to save our one and only home...its likely that we are a part of the problem. Anyone that works for any corporation really. Anyone that works for a grocery store that feeds garbage to 99% of their customers. Anyone in the automobile or even the medical industries. This is one big mess we have all participated in, mostly because we were born into it, and getting out is allot harder than getting in. I always justified the means for the end, but I knew that I wasnt really feeling total support for what I did. But my occupation is just more visible, but make no mistake, we are all out there adding to this. I'm in the process of making the transition, trust me. I've got my plans, and they are not too far away.

Anyways, my goal is to simply make raw food sexy and appealing, and to give out as much free advice as I can during a given day. When people email me, I am more than happy to respond in detail and help them in whatever ways that I can. Did I set up some kind of consultation hotline that costs $50 an hour? NO WAY. My intentions are pure with all of this. I would love to make a career out of this lifestyle, but I don't want to charge people for sharing my knowledge with them. I don't really agree with that.

And I have a future family to start planning for. I want to liberate myself from all paid work as soon as I can, and I'll be able to do that much quicker by modeling. Most of it is harmless catalog work...very low profile. Rarely is it a high-profile job. We all assume that all the jobs are high-profile billboards and commercials, but the bulk of it is simple department store catalogs and e-commerce jobs. I would LOVE to be down in Costa Rica or Southeast Asia living the simple life RIGHT NOW, but I have to plan and be responsible for a little while longer. And anyways, this occupation gives me SO much free time, that I basically live the life of a retired person. If it wasn't for modeling, I wouldn't have read all the books that I did, or had the time to study Spanish or listen to all the Teaching Company Lectures that I have. (downloaded free of course through bittorent...)

We should all be planning ahead so we can liberate ourselves from working for money. Live simply and start to save more. I just spent $500 on fruit trees last night...this is where my mind is right now. I'm very aware of peak oil and the resource depletion that is going to affect our entire way of life much sooner than most of us think, and if I had some regular job for $10 or even a very low paid non-profit job, I would be screwed when it comes to taking care of my future family.

Obviously when you criticize industrial situation, yet are still are part of it, you are setting yourself up for people that want to focus on negative things. This is a given. There is a time period between the point of discovering how destructive this society is for human relationships and the environment and speaking out about it to others...and the point of actually being able to leave your old lifestlye behind. That time period in the middle is where people will call you a phony or a hypocrite or a sell-out. So be it.

My thing right now is to make enough money to set up my off-grid permaculture system in Minnesota, and educate as many people as possible about raw food and sustainable living. If you want to judge me as a hypocrite, then you should ask yourself why you like to focus so much on negative things. I was really brought down this morning reading this nasty post from some disgruntled person. They don't even know me, and worse, they don't email me so I can directly communicate with them. If you are going to say nasty things to me, at least email me directly so I can talk to you a little. All of the nasty stuff is always anonymous. Go figure.

99% is super positive though, and I can't even describe how good I feel to read all of your comments. I think we are the vanguards of this great secret, and we need to bring our friends and family into this circle of life as much as possible. Let us all live the example with love, passion, excitement, and of course, FUN!

If you made it this far into the post, you are my new best friends! Thank you for reading and I promise to keep up the momentum. Thanks everyone! Here's to all the silver linings in the clouds...



Anisha said...

HEy Anthony,

I have a question and it does not pertain to this present blog, however, in a previous blog you mentioned you listen to lectures or podcasts for bits of knowledge...Do you recommend anything?


Anonymous said...

I love your attitude on losing the bike. One less thing to carry with you, and who knows what its absence will bring into your life. I just found your blog and will add it to my blog roll. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony,

I read your blog this morning. I wish i had an opportunity to read the post that the person wrote to you that you are speaking about because i was actually thinking the same thing, but i wasnt thinking quite as negative as you make the other poster sound. As i can see where you are coming from, all of the things that you say are your reasons are just justifications really, if you think about it. There are alot of jobs that arent directly associated with big industry. And dont fool your self.....Target pays 1000 models like you say for a reason. So if you downplay the importance, you are just making excuses for yourself. There is a reason it is cost efficient for them to pay you the money to be on a billboard or in a mag. It is an investment and in return makes them enough money to make it worth it. You may be naturally feeling like you have to justify your reasoning but if you were in a different position i think you might see the bigger picture. Do yourself a favor, write down who you work for or who you get jobs from and ask yourself if you want to support them or not. It is as simple as that. It is always easy to justify things when you have a bigger goal at the end but it doesnt change the truth. Keep on keeping on, BUT, be open to seeing things in a differnt view because we are learning from you and you should try to do the same because you are just as human as us even if you are the RAWMODEL! You are a great person though, that much is evident.

maplehouse said...

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Natasha said...

For Anthony and Fellow Readers of this Blog:

I have only a vague idea of what precisely I wish to share here, but very deep feelings associated with this post. Therefore, I shall just go with the flow...

First of all, I would like to comment on Anthony's blog in general. I would like to say that I understand and respect Anthony's viewpoints wholeheartedly. He understands things that have taken me a great deal of time to figure out on my own and he is so generously sharing this knowledge with us. (If only one plays the role of philosopher and looks around them, one can see how much s/he is controlled. Once one awakens to such knowledge, one wishes only to break free and to help others to do the same; one's greatest passion becomes helping to heal humanity. I know how the young man feels, as I've been there; I am there.)

Furthermore, I think it is wonderful that Anthony has chosen to share of his profession with us on this blog. I feel this way primarily because, oftentimes, in our society those of a "celebrity status" are looked up to more on some level. This is the truth, though why this is so remains a mystery to me. Look around you and you can see how celebrity and popular culture influence us so. Look at Oprah, for example. She presented "The Secret" to her audience, and it is ever popular now. (This is a positive example of how celebrity has the power to influence us, of course.) So I personally feel that, for this very reason, his mentioning his profession here is great. I think, given his profession, he might gain even more of an audience as well, which would prove wonderful, I feel. (It is just the way it is, in general. This is simply our societal make-up.)Also, aside from the model bit, he just makes a heck of a lot of sense. Everything that is he shares on this blog can be backed up by ancient knowledge, as most has been recorded, if not all. (That which does not remain on record has been lost througout the ages.) Furthermore, much of this can be backed up by science as well, especially the "you are what you think" bit. There are studies being conducted on raw food as well in countries such as Finland and other progressive countries. Science is beginning to catch up.

I would also like to comment on Anthony's mention that he could work in a sector such as the nonprofit, for example, but he'd be making less money by doing so, which would deter him from opting out of the system as quickly. He's right and he's a good thinker. (If I could get into his line of work, I certainly would, and for that very reason.) It is so challenging to find a job that isn't infiltrated by sketchy politics. It might interest those of you who are not aware that even the nonprofit sector is, oftentimes, flawed. Take it from me, as I currently work in this sector. I make nine dollars and twenty-five cents an hour (in coordination with attending school). If I chose to work my way up this organization (since one of my majors is psychology), I would probably make fifteen dollars an hour, at most. Yes, not very much, and it would take years for me to get to that point even. (Can you see, then, why Anthony may so choose to work in the modeling industry? If I were to continue in this manner [I won't, of course.], it would take me much longer to opt out of the "rat race".) Even given these poor wages, the nonprofit sector isn't even always ethical, fyi. I work for an organization that serves the mentally-challenged in a multitude of ways. Well, I say serve, but in all reality we don't always serve these loves. One of my clients takes approximately fifty individual pills per day, yes, fifty. He has multiple schlerosis. This is his sole ailment, well, alongside slight dementia, which is due to the debilitating effects of his dis-ease. (This seems to be the reason our organization was able to take him in.) (The only reason that he is given any sort of fermented food now, in an effort to help counteract, on even a minute level, the effects of these pills is because I mentioned something to his nurse. [This was not even a recommendation by his doctor!]) People are given medications for all sorts of things and rarely do they get better. (I see this firsthand every day, as I have worked in healthcare for awhile now. More often than not, the very caretakers that work in facilities such as this are extremely unhealthy themselves. So the very folks many of us take medical advice from are failing on a physical level themselves, yet we take their advice anyway! Is there something wrong with this picture? Pardon my rambling, as you can probably tell I am not a big fan of the "healthcare" industry, especially since I have seen so much of it firsthand.) Part of my job is to administer these meds. Yes, I do this, so I suppose that if Anthony is a hypocrite, then I am a hypocrite as well. True, too, if I were to work somewhere else, like in a restaurant, for example, I would also be administering meds, albeit in the form of food chemicals and preservatives. (Just as lethal, by the way.) It's really challenging in this society to find a highly ethical job or an ethical job at all. In short, I don't think anyone should be attacking Anthony for his line of work. ...What do you do for a living and what are the ethics (or lack thereof) involved? I'd love to know. Please think about your own life and what you do before choosing to attack someone else, especially such a kind soul who is only trying to help. This is only compassionate on your part. I personally know of absolutely no one who has a completely ethical job. The folks I know of who even come close to having one are entirely poor or near poor.

I suppose this is all I have to say for now. Thank you so much for listening. Shanti.

Natasha Syma

Anonymous said...

anthony- you seem like a really positive guy, but in any case i just want to say i hope you don't get down because of other peoples comments (not that it seems you do at all) but just seeing the one above made me want to encourage you..not that they didnt have good points too or anything, its just that i think you're an incredible inspiration to a lot of people being in the industry your in. you make raw food sexy and maybe there's people you're reaching that you wouldnt reach otherwise :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your bike. But (I believe) everything happens for a reason. Maybe there'll be a new opportunity for some sort of positive change as a result of this.

Anonymous said...

you should do a post on the personal care products you use. like soaps and shampoos and lotions and stuff. do you choose green for those?
and what are you thinking of doing with your garden in the winter? do you think that you can move it indoors?
can't wait until your next post!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let others get you down! They are just jealous that they are not able to make as much money and so easily as you. You ARE doing the right thing! Keep it up and stay motivated so you can help keep others who read your posts motivated! ~Thank you!!

Ian said...

Rock on Anthony! Don't listen to what the negative people have to say. I applaud you for figuring out a way to reach your goal, which is really what it is all about. How are you going to help the planet at a $10/hour job soaking up 8-10 hours of your day, so you can pay rent, live in the city, feed off our very little resources, and having no time to share your knowledge.

Unfortunately we live in a capitalistic society where you can't just walk on a piece of land, plant some food, and build a house for free. These things cost $$$, and people need to do what they can do to get it as best as possible. What's the difference if you are a store clerk at Target or a Model for a Target ad? You are still 2 people trying to make a living, to get where you want to be in life. And if you can find a way to get more money, quicker, so you can get off the grid as quickly as possible, then more power to ya.

You are a great person with great intentions, a plan, the ability, and knowledge to educate others. I wish you the best and hope you get 10 more billboards for corporate dumps like Target so you can reach your goals even faster.

Peace & Blessings - Ian

AnnaC said...

Nobody is in a position to judge anybody else. Everyone has their own path in life. These are some of the things I would say to the negative anonymous poster.

My beliefs don't completely gel with my nursing profession, either. I believe in the very old saying let food be my medicine, medicine be my food, but I regularly administer what I believe to be toxic chemicals to patients in the form of pharmaceuticals and low-quality food.

Still, there are very few professions that would be completely ethical for me and at this moment I don't see how I can avoid not paying money for housing, food, etc. Like Anthony and others, I'm doing what I can for now.

I work on only certain kinds of units. I also share what I know about food and health with patients who are interested. And like Anthony, I'm trying to make strides in other areas of my life - an effort that he's helped with this site.

We're all on a journey. You can't be perfect ever, nevermind right away.

Pretty sure that one anonymous poster won't read this message, but to everyone else who is inclined to point out someone else's shortcomings: look at yourself, only!