Monday, October 29, 2007

Colonic Prep and a few Questions Answered

The Lovely Sarma Melngailis read my blog about Colonics a while back, and was kind enough to hook me up with a free one through some people she knows. So since im riding into Enema-ville on Wednesday morning, I best be preparing for the journey...

So Im doing a three day juice FEAST. No solids until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest. For my juices, I'm planning on doing Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale, Lemons, Limes, Daikon Radish and White Turnips, Swiss Chard and Collard Greens. Not really a tasty mix right there, but I think Ill be ok. I'll probably add in some apple and juice the citrus separately. Water with TONS of fresh citrus juice is really, REALLY alkalizing. The one above obviously had beets in it, which is also a good way to sweeten it up if you dont want to use apples. Its a root-veg, and I'm not crazy about them (except radishes) but once in a while. It makes the juice taste almost like red wine.

The whole point of this is to make sure whatever comes out on Wednesday will hopefully be old stuff. I really want to see if anything was built up. This link here says not to eat less than three hours before a session, but I think this is a little too simple. I havent done a juice cleanse in a while anyways, and Id really like to see what happens on Wednesday. Im also making Yogi Tea's "Get Regular" tea, which has Senna Leaf. This will help things moving along until Wednesday. Today is Monday, so I'll be sure to post on Wednesday afternoon to let everyone know how it went (If you care to know AT ALL. ) Hey, its the raw food world here, and we tend to talk about digestion quite a bit more than normal folk.

On a less gastrointestinal note, I'd like to respond to some questions that have come my way recently. I dont know how many of you read the comments, but there are some great ones in there, and really long and detailed ones too. I appreciate all the time that everyone takes to read these, and rest assured that I read every single one. Natasha, Connie, Ian, and Becca...your comments made my day. They were a pleasure to read, and I want to thank you for all of your great positivity. Really, everything has been really positive. Of course its the internet, so there will always be a person or two who wants to say negative least they care enough to write. So thanks EVERYONE.

Number 1.

Hi. I was wondering if you still follow the same guidelines below or have you change it since? I'd like to know, thanks.

Also how will you change your workout since your bike was stolen?

" I start my day off with an hour on the treadmill, then I ride bike at least one hour around the city every day, I lift weights for an
hour, and Im walking around doing castings at least 3 hours a day. This is serious physical activity, all on four hours of sleep and no animal meat or dairy."

Answer 1.

I was really hardcore at this time with the exercise. Im still getting it in, but Im doing everything at home. Obviously the biking around town is done until spring (I dont feel like worrying about my bike getting stolen anymore, and its getting pretty cold in NY). I still lift weights but nowhere near compared to this summer. My gym membership expired, and I was thinking that my last month here in NY was going to be Dec, so I opted to just do home workout. Here is what I do.

On my yoga mat in my room, I do push-ups. I do this whenever they are not sore from the previous workout, and preferably before I eat breakfast. I do sit-ups (crunches and leg-raises) in the same manner. There is so much we can do at home. Whenever the weather is nice, I will powerwalk for about 100 minutes. While doing this, I have been listening to a great lecture by the TTC called "Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations".

This keeps me lean. I try to do this at one of two times during my day. Right after I wake up and do my online stuff, or around 11pm-Midnight. I tend to head over to the bike path on the Hudson River Parkway, where I dont have to stop at every street and wait for cars to pass by. I'm also jumping rope on my apartment rooftop when the weather allows. I only do this during the day though, because I don't want to upset the people living on the 6th floor.

As I mentioned before in another post, I have a 12lb dumbbell, and use it for shoulders, biceps, and triceps. I usually have a documentary on while I do this. It's all about multi-tasking in the 21st Century, right? Think about it, as long as you have your ipod on and are listening to something eductional, no matter what you do your ARE multi-tasking. Keep it in mind if you juice or spend alot of time in the kitchen doing food-prep.

Remember, its more about consistency than using fancy equipment. If you need to go to a gym to get the motivation, I understand and TOTALLY support you. I might even go back to my old one, now that the weather isnt so great and that I am staying in NY till at least June.

Question 2.


Thanks for your blog and presenting your Raw story. I had one question, what do you use to shave your face? I ask because I'm also Raw, and know that eventually I will move into more natarual products (skin brushing, deodarant stone).

Thanks in advance


Answer 2.

Hi Frank...good question.
Once you get into raw food, you are obviously becoming more conscious about what is going into and ONTO your body. (Hopefully I dont go into a tirade against make-up in a few minutes). I tend not to shave, unless a client for a modeling job requests it. I have a beard trimmer at home that gets it pretty close to my face, and will do that about once a week. When I do shave, I just use Dr. Bronner's soap and really hot water. For my other products, I use Thursday Plantation's Deodorant Roll-on (with NOOOO aluminum...check for that), and for toothpaste, I use Jason's Sea Breeze Toothpaste. Toothpaste is a very important one, because obviously that is getting into our systems quite easily. Crest and Colgate is poison, im my opinion. I use the same Dr. Bronner's for my shower soap, and my shampoo. I don't even use conditioner, and you wouldnt believe how often the hair-stylists will compliment my thick shiny hair while Im at a modeling job. I tell them its the food, and obviously no one believes me.

And now a little thought about make-up. I read somewhere that a person who regularly wears make-up absorbs so many chemicals through their face because of all the toxicity in it. I think make-up makes women feel insecure because it creates this UNREAL STANDARD of beauty that most people cannot live up to. I empathize with those that use cover-up, because even I used to when I was a teenager. I had relatively bad acne at times, and tried to cover it up the best that I could. Its really tough, because we are so pre0ccupied with other's views of us. I've known some women that have never been around even their boyfriends without makeup. It's literally like this mask they have. I know there isnt going to be some revolution against make-up wearing anytime soon, but ladies, take it from me. Keep it simple and foster beauty from the inside. The raw food diet will do more for your complexion than L'Oreal ever could dream to. Guys do not like heavy make-up. Keep it simple.

Question 3.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't pertain to your post, but I was wondering if your tan is all natural, or is it from a tanning-bed, or a sunless tanner?
Also when you go out in the sun do you put on sunscreen or something natural like coconut butter?

Answer 3.

This was taken in the early fall, when the sun was still intense. I used to do tanning beds on a regular basis a few years ago, but now I would really avoid them. There was always the exuse to go before a tropical vacation to avoid sunburn, but that is what SUNSCREEN is for. After day two, you can have a decent tan, and save your money on the tanning bed that blasts you with intense UV light. There are new beds now that produce the better kind of UV for you, so I would suggest that you use the wonders of the internet and do some research.

I'll tell you what gives the glow...beta carotene. I don't do carrots like I used to, but if you've ever drank copious amounts of carrot juice, it start to show in your skin. Think about that the next time you see someone chugging fatty, mucous-filled, puss-infested milk. It comes through in the skin. Hence, my acne from ages 13-17. Now for me, its goji berries, red peppers, and PERSIMMONS!!!! Its persimmon season! Get a super-ripe Hachiya variety, and tell me that its not your new favorite fruit. They are divine. I wish I could grow them. Eat enough of these foods, and your skin will start to look more tan. Don't overdo it, but its a good way to maintain through the winter months.

I use Jason's Sumbrellas Sunblock SPF 40 on my nose and the tips of my ears, and always put an SPF lipbalm on my lips, because they will blister if I get burned. Coconut oil...not as much as I should, but I would recommend it to anyone.

Another Question was about what Lectures and Podcasts I listen to. I wasnt going to hunt through the comments find it, so thought Id list it here.


Dan Savage's Savage Love Podcast

This is the most informative and funny sex-advice podcast ever! Even if you think you are a pro, just the entertainment of this podcast is well worth your time.

BBC One Planet
A Great Podcast. Anything from the BBC is pretty excellent. This deals with environmental issues and how they are affecting people of specific regions. Very informative.

NPR's Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet and This American Life with Ira Glass.
Both highly enlightening and entertaining. NPR is a gift we should all treasure. Speaking of Faith is a part of American Public Media, and they have this site about sustainability. Check it out - Consumer Consequences

And for my TTC Lectures, I have listened to these in the past few months:

Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations

Consciousness and Its Implications

Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement

Great World Religions: Buddhism

Freedom: The Philosophy of Liberation

Ok...thats enough for now. Another post coming between today and Wednesday afternoon, so stay tuned. Lots to talk about.



Jennifer said...

hey andrew! just stopping by to say your blog is an amazing source of inspiration for me. it trips me out sometimes how some of the stuff you write are things that i've already felt/known before. it's great to have someone else confirm what my higher self already knows. keep it up! BLESS. ^_^

"every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground."

Carrie said...

I just love reading your blog! I love that you and other people in the raw/vegan community are making this cool and bringing in new people. But its not in a fake way, you're just being honest even if you get flack for it sometimes.
I'm also getting a colonic done this week. Tuesday if I can keep up my nerve. I'm doing enemas instead of fasting.This should be interesting lol. Anyway, good luck!!!
Thanks again for sharing your stories and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

Good luck with your colonic. I am sure you have done a ton of research, but in case you missed it. Natalia Rose just added a new post on colon therapy on her blog,

She speaks about colonics extensively in her blog, and in her book. The Raw Food Detox Diet and Raw Food Life Force Energy.

She even has an interview with Gil Jacobs called Focus on Colon Therapy in TRFDD.

I pasted on little passage from her blog below:

Thanks for blogging!

In other words, our glow and perfect health come not from what goes into the body but from what comes out. All you have to do to confirm this for yourself is to juice fast with colonics or enemas for a few days and you will see -- you take no solid food yet energy flows through the body and radiates in quantities that still even give me pause. At a time when common consensus would say I should be losing my glow, my skin tone, my metabolic function it is at it's best and yours can be too. And it's free too boot! Sit back and watch nature give you the most beautiful makeover that money can't buy as you are healed and transformed from within. Natalia Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,
I am just starting out with the raw diet and I found your weblog through google. I have learned so much just reading in the last couple of days! You are such an inspiration. Okay you may have addressed this question so sorry if its a repeat. Do you have a recommendation for a blender? And also can you list some beginner essentials that I will need for my kitchen? I am so excited to start this new lifestyle.
Thanks again for all the posts. I will continue reading.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Anonymous who left a comment about Natalia Rose and her books....

...All I have to say is that you sound like you are Natalia Rose speaking in the third person.

Either that, or

a)you are a really big Natalia Rose fan.
b) you are Natalia Rose's publicity person.

- Anonymous Jr.

Natasha said...

P.S. I freakin' love that quote, Jennifer! It embodies so much. Brilliant. :o) "Shanti" ("Peace", Sanskrit).

Raw Vegan Family said...

Anthony, Have you considered going shampoo free? Take a look at my little grandson, who has never had shampoo, soap, lotions, sunscreens, etc on his skin. We live in Florida, and we get compliments all the time on his hair and skin. We do have problems with mosquito bites, so if anyone has any suggestions for that, please let me know.

Really enjoying your blog. :)

Jennifer said...

awww, thanks natasha! namaste gyal! all love always in all ways everybody! keep growing and stand your ground! ^_^

oxygen colon cleanse said...

in your old post you said something like "Everyone was so obsessed with their colons"i remmeber when i started eating raw food,...Yeah, that was a big part of this almost everything i read thinking that vegans will get enough B12 from the bacteria in our colon i also read Colon Health, by Dr. Norman Walker Raw Vegan Books.Being a vegan myself, I found i felt better, my skin got better, and i lost A LOT of weight without even trying. The down sides are the obvious need to look after your calcium and protein ect. sometimes you may find yourself eating too many carbs, but at least you're getting all of your recommended fruits and veggies! stores like whole-foods make it so easy to be vegan, and i have never found it too difficult (except when people are eating ice cream cake at parties. . . mmm).


being a vegan minimizes your chances for colon cancer to almost NOTHING. (part of the reason I started, because my family has a history of colon cancer), and all and all, it feels so revitalizing!