Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Green Ninjas UNITE!!!!

Its About that Time...

Saving the World at the Last Possible Moment in the Greatest Story EVER

We have to see ourselves as the leaders of the Green Revolution. The ones that are turned on to what is really going on...what a mess we are in, what we need to do about it,and how to have the best time ever while doing so. The greener my lifestyle becomes, the better my life becomes.

I know that Im not part of the problem like I used to be. That feels good. I love riding my bike. Im in the best shape of my life, and Im keeping the air clean and not supporting oil companies or governments that fund terrorism through oil revenues. And I feel more CONNECTED to everything when Im on my bike. Im not blocked off by my windshield like when I used to drive my car. I'm a part of what Im riding through. That feels different, and I love it.

Here's another example: I eat raw, organic, LIVING plant food. I LOVE this. Its an absolute joy to eat a fresh apple right off the tree, or a big salad with hempseeds and sundried tomatoes. And because of this, I'm supporting organic farmers that enrich our soil and don't contribute to the toxification of our earth. I'm not using gas or other fossil fuels to cook my food either. And all my trash now goes into the compost bin back at the Union Sq Greenmarket. Being a part of something truly good does wonders for the self-esteem.

So...What's good for me, is good for Mother Earth.

Im going to develop a sustainable home and organic garden. Im going to drastically reduce the energy use in my home, and what I do use will come from solar and wind. I'm not going to have any electric bills after that. So whats good for me, is also good for Mother Earth AND my pocket book. This relates to bicycles and food as well.

Raw Organic food might seem more expensive up front, but think of this. I havent had even a cold in 2.5 years. I take no aspirins, nothing. I dont have to use moisturizers anymore because my food is so juicy and alive that it makes the skin glow all by itself. Think of the savings for a family of five over the course of ten years!!! And think of the REAL cost of cheap mass-processed food. The energy used to make it, the energy used to ship it, the tax dollars used to subsidize all the water it consumes. And how its poisoning our bodies and our Earth. Talk about truly expensive....

Want another example?

Im now growing most of my own greens. This, I REALLY love. I love taking care of them, and sitting outside with them. It calms my soul and puts a smile on my face. This is good for me.
It's good for the Earth because it takes NO fuel whatsoever to get these greens to my plate after they are harvested. No 18-Wheelers from California, and no processing plant to wash them and put them in plastic, which then of course ends up buried underground.
It's good for my pocketbook because I paid 50 cents for each seedling. After some tender love and care, each one become a fully mineralized salad. Thats a CHEAP organic salad. Sure, I had to buy the soil and the wood, but I spend that much on my internet connection every month, so let's be reasonable. And now that I bought it, Ill never have to do it again.
Good for my mind and body, good for Mother Earth, good for my pocketbook. Get it???

Green is cool, green is smart, green is life and will be our only chance. This 10,000 year experiment in domesticated human development has run its course. The time is now for those who are awake to start living fully, and spreading nothing but joy and positivity to all that we come into contact with.

Support green business...think about yourself as a part of nature again...and do what is good for you. Because as David Wolfe says, "You are Mother Earth". We all come from the same source, and we will go back to that source when we are through with this particular life. What is truly good for us, is good for the planet.

We may think that driving a hummer around is good for us. However, in reality, we attract superficial people into our lives, we pollute the atmosphere with pollutants and possibly run over innocent animals, and we are going broke spending money on car, insurance, and gas payments. BAD BAD BAD. See?

We are the Green Ninjas. So lets recruit by subtle example. No proselytizing (nagging people about converting to our way of life...somehow I spelled that word correctly the first time). We cannot count on the authorities to save us...because they are obviously the ones who got us into this mess. We are a part of the solution. You are reading this for a reason. You are a beautiful, intelligent, caring being...and we deserve nothing but the best from one another. Let us live the example. The green life is the good life. Enough said.


Anisha said...

Thank you!! You are such an inspiration and your blogs are always interesting to read.

When I read about the hummer thing and attracting superficial people, that's true, also think of how much extra useless baggage one is adding in their life which would be fighting against the solution!

Anonymous said...

you should get a worm composter for your apartment. i know that there are some out there that can take 5 lbs of food a day and make it into amazing soil for your garden

also what are you gonna do with your garden when winter comes? do you think that it'll keep on growing inside.

Techchix said...

I've just started reading your blog, and I look forward to listening to your interview with Dhrumil. Question for you, do you have any tips for someone who is not excellent at growing plants or herbs at home? How did you pick what to grow at your home garden? I'd love to see a blog post about that!