Friday, September 21, 2007

Making the Transition

The Fundamentals for Getting Started

The Above Pics were taken 1 month apart. Raw food and exercise every day. Simple.

When I got pinched with the golfing bug when I was sixteen (this lasted an entire two weeks)...I went into it pretty enthusiastic, and when I realized that I couldn't destroy every ball I hit, I soon became tired of it and moved on. Im led to believe that this is common with alot of things in life. If we don't show promise right away, or aren't motivated in some way to keep on improving, interest wanes and something else will take our focus.

Now, I have to believe through my own experience that changing your diet and lifestyle overall is comparable. I've heard of some people like Matt Monarch who said that they went from junk food to 100% raw overnight. Well...I have to admire that (if its true) but please know that this is very, VERY unlikely. Unless you had a personal raw chef pumping out the best meals ever for you every day, you are going to go back and forth for quite a while. These are deeply embedded habits built up over decades. It would be like trying to quit smoking while EVERYONE else you know is still smoking all the time and doesnt see anything wrong with doing so.

So start slow. A big component of the diet is to get fresh fruit for breakfast. A BIG fruit salad. Whatever it takes to fill you up. Remember, there is lots of fiber in here, so the sugar will be released more slowly into your system compared to drinking fiber-stripped juice. So eat an entire cantaloupe for breakfast, have 5 oranges if you feel like you need it...whatever. Get that habit in place first. Its often the easiest. If youre still hooked on pancakes and eggs, save it for later. Just start that day out right with lots of fresh fruit.

We all have habits, good or bad. Most of us hopefully brush our teeth twice a day. So why not make sure that we have a big salad or a green smoothie once a day?

2 Apples or Pears,

2 big handfuls of Spinach

A pinch or two or three of cinnamon

Its basically like green applesauce, except that your eating a salad at the same time. Try this out. Even if its still chunky...throw in some raisins and/or walnuts and eat it like soup. You'll be surprised.

I do alot of this kind of stuff. Its just easier. Food is fun to make, but when youre busy, making blended meals is just so easier on time and on the digestive system as well.

Living the G(reen)ood life Pt. 3 is next! Clothing, hypocrisy, and the rise of the neo-green philosophy...


William said...

Hey Anthony! Came over from the "We Like It Raw" website and have been getting caught up on your journey.
This post out of all of them, has to be the most motivational one for me, as I realize the power of raw and exercise.
It's amazing to see the difference that just a month has made in your health.
I'd like to see a post in the future about your workout regimen, that would be brilliant.

Thanks as always,

- Bill

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how supportive your comments have just been for me.

I've been flitting back and forth between raw and cooked and keep feeling I'm just rubbish at it. I want so bad to be 100% raw but working out how to prepare ahead and how eat enough to sustain myself are things I still battle with.

Knowing that it's actually OK and quite normal has given me a great sense of calm. I've just started reading your blog since the start of your garden and I'm hooked. Thanks from the UK!!

Anonymous said...

wow you look amazing.
2 days ago i decided to give myself a 100 day challenge of raw and exercise, so we'll see!

Tiffany said...

What kind of exercise were you doing to get that sort of a muscle tone? Yoga, ab work, or going to a gym? Am curious, thank you!