Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why I eat raw

It just seems so obvious after a while

All you have to do is be raw for 2 weeks..with no cheating and ALOT of greens, and you will feel the difference. You will know whats possible, and you will be striving for that feeling...possibly for the rest of your life. I was raw while doing green smoothies and two weeks later I was COMPLETELY alert and awake 20 hours a day. When you wake up at 5am wondering what to do because you have so much extra energy, you will realize that being raw is going back to the diet we were designed for. The diet that every other wild animal in nature eats. RAW FOOD that is natural and BEST for our digestive system and our bodies overall. Grown without chemicals and pesticides and all that horrible stuff. We deserve better, we deserve best. And frankly, we owe it to each other at this point to reach our full potential.

When you look at human anatomy it is quite clear that eating meat is a very recent occurrence in our history. The scientific community is in strong agreement that our diet consisted of green leaves and fruit, with some small sources of fat - for 99% of our history here on Earth. Our bodies are not designed for meat or cooked food. Look at the muscles of a gorilla. What do they eat? Wild fruit and leaves and roots. Think about this. This diet is not rabbit food, its gorilla food.

These styles of eating are new in the whole span of our time on this planet. We need to go back and re-examine WHY we eat the things we do, and where these meals are coming from. What is REALLY in them? And, this question...WHY are we the only animals that cook (destroy by fire) our food? When you experience the feeling, this "raw food high", its quite likely that you will realize that THIS is where its at. That there really is something about this way of life.

Of course it can be tough at first...we have DEEPLY established eating habits, and since we did it well over three times a day, every day of our life, pretty much since we were one or two...it may take a while to change.

You just have to embrace that, because I never experienced addiction before and its was something to eventually overcome (after many memorable failures). Even when you knows its bad (for you...maybe not in taste ;) ), the cravings are still so strong, and basically everyone else is still eating what you used to, so its so easy to join in again.

Its hard to be social sometimes...I have to admit. People like to go out to eat, and even though most might make an exception, there are those that would worry about losing that ultra-alert & totally ecstatic feeling thats experienced after a while in this lifestyle. Deep breathing and walking every day helped alot for me as well. The brain just feels so alive and alert and focused.

Thats why I eat raw, with lots of greens and superfoods. There is a strong change, and its worth experiencing.

Good luck everyone...and by the way the garden is doing really well. I give the tap water a pinch of celtic sea salt and some kelp additive, and they are just charging 100%. It really about the good soil, and simply being with them and paying attention to them and having fun with it. I have to pick off bugs underneath their leaves sometimes, but I feel like I'm helping them, so I have no problem with it at all.

"oh, i think that rawmodel guy is going crazy...i read he talks to plants or something..."

Take care everyone..spread the word if you can!


fatma said...

Can we know what you are making.

Love your posts.

I will put you in my links.


Kristen's Raw said...

Yes, INDEED, it is worth experiencing and that's a lovely way to put it! Have a great and high energy day :) Cheers!

Kristen Suzanne

Anonymous said...

I defintely want that recipe. It looks yummy.

H said...

Looks delicious...can you share the recipe?