Saturday, June 23, 2007

To Say the Very Least

Picture = 1000 Words...

Please remember now...I consume NO animal products. NONE. Do you think I am getting enough protein? For anyone out there reading this, the next time someone tells you that they are vegetarians (hopefully they are vegans because milk is REALLY inappropriate for optimal human health) will not have to ask them if they are getting enough protein. However, I do have my sources.

They are as follows -

Hemp Seed. Probably my number one source. It contains EDESTIN, which is most likely the most absorbable form of protein. It also contains large quantities of sulfur, the element used for constructing healthy skin, hair, and nails. Hemp seed tastes amazing and adds so much to my salads and smoothies.

Green Superfoods like Spirulina, Blue-Green Algae, and Chlorella. I buy these products usually in one pound bags which last me months and months, so the price is usually about 25 Cents a serving. These algaes have the highest concentration of protein (usually around 60% of total weight) on the entire planet.

Nuts and Seeds. The quintessential source of protein in the standard non-animal diet. Too much of these though and they tend to slow me down. I try to keep it to half a cup each day. The seeds I focus on are again, #1 - Hempseed, #2 - Pumpkin Seed, #3 - Sunflower Seed, and #4 - Flaxseed. My favorite nuts tend to be more fat-dominant instead of protein dominant. A fat dominant nut could be a macadamia, cashew, brazil nut, walnut, or the pine nut. Since I spend $10 a pound on hempseeds, I keep my prices lower by using mostly brazil nuts and walnuts, which are about half the price of macadamias or pine nuts. Cashews are also fairly inexpenive, but the standard raw cashew in the health food store is steam blasted out of the shell, and most have had the life-force taken out of them by this process. Really Raw Cashews are about $13 a pound, Macadamias are about $14 a pound. Once in a while I will buy a half-pound to make some great nut milks or some special occasion, but I focus more on the hempseeds anyways.

Bee Pollen. A complex source of Amino Acids, which are proteins. This is the pollen collected by bees, but does not contain any parts of the animal. The kind I use supports ethical treatment of their bees and harvests a small percentage of the overall hive collection.

And most important...GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES. Spinach, Kale, Dandelion, Wild Greens, Parsley, Cilantro, Swiss Chard, and Collards. I would have to say that an semi-frequent meat and junk food eater that consumes large quantities of leafy greens is MUCH better off than a vegan that focuses on rice and grains and root vegetables and fruits. MUCH better. Ive even done raw veganism with very little greens, focusing more on fruit and nuts, and I had a very low experience compared to when I added in greens I can't stress this enough. If you can consume 2 bunches each day ( I would recommend one green smoothie with fruit and one large salad...if you cannot juice the greens instead) you will notice SERIOUS results in a week or so. Now that Ive been back on heavy greens since returning from Minnesota and have been drinking lots of water and eating early in the evening, Ive finally returned back to sleeping only 4 hours a night. I stay up till 4am and wake up at 8am, completely refreshed. No naps even.

And remember, I start my day off with an hour on the treadmill, then I ride bike at least one hour around the city every day, I lift weights for an hour, and Im walking around doing castings at least 3 hours a day. This is serious physical activity, all on four hours of sleep and no animal meat or dairy.


Because it is what I've experienced, and it has helped me evolve and every single level of my life.

Mentally - I am clear headed and outlook is much more positive. I just feel really good overall, like the universe is looking out for me. I'm constantly listening to success tapes and reading books. Self-study has become a major activity in my life.

Physically - Both strength-wise and with flexibility. My body is JUICY. My muscles are defined, but not knotted up. I am quick and lean. Not some bulky-fool chugging on muscle-milk or protein powders. Seriously...which body type would you rather have??? Where is the definition in the bodies of many of these weight-lifters? They are big and bulky...which means sluggish. However, I don't want to say more negative things, because some of those people are crazy and unevolved enough to want to do serious physical harm to anyone attacking their egos.

Spiritually - I feel connected to the force of the universe like never before. True, Ive been reading more and searching more than ever, but this has coincided with my diet change. Did one cause the other? No that my mind and body are clear of waste and toxins, the energy of the universe flows through my veins. I realize that I am one with the all, and every single life form on this planet is connected to me, and any harm that I do to it, I do to myself. Anger and violence are so far from my experience now, and it shames me that it is still so prevalent in our society. I think the physiological reason is that toxins and heavy metals are cleared from the brain, and the blood has become alkaline from green leaves and clean water. This has led to moments of pure bliss. Moments where I will just sit and smile because I feel nothing but love and gratitude for where I am and everything occurring in my life. Ive learned to to trust to process, and realize that everything is in fact, perfect. I have even had tears of joy at random moments when this occurs, and that would have been completely...COMPLETELY impossible 2 years ago.

I believe that we need more "Type A's" in this world, and this is the diet to construct that type of person. Focused, healthy, confident, and elated with life. Why live any other way? I see all these sickly people walking around and instead of feeling disgust or contempt (what used to be felt) I now feel a sadness that they are missing out on so much untapped potential and joy. Its so apparent now, and everything I have experienced with this lifestyle has without a doubt proven it for me. We are what we eat, and if you stop eating the poison, your life WILL become better. It may take time, but stop maiming yourself 3+ times a day and things will begin to change.

Remember...Lots of fresh fruit for breakfast, or a nice green smoothie.

For lunch I like the superfood smoothies (water, dates, nuts, hempseeds, coconut oil, berries, green superfoods, bee pollen...etc.) This is my main source of fat and protein for the day.

For Dinner, go with a major gourmet salad. Make it awesome so you love every bite. Add in avocados and sundried tomatoes and olives and hempseeds....all bursting with flavor. Compare that to a piece of flesh and a potato sitting on a plate and there soon becomes no comparison. Its laughable. Or if you are still feeling sweet...go with apples and cranberries and walnuts and shredded beets...add that all in with tons of greens and cucumbers and you will love it. It will take you a half hour to eat, so you can sit down with it and enjoy every bite.

I snack, but its usually something like apples or grapefruits or a superfood fudge that Ive made. (Basically the superfood smoothie without the water...)

This is easy, and you can do it and enjoy it. USE ME for inspiration. Please. Thats what I am doing this for. USE ME! This is what friends are for. My body and life are the products of this diet. Make every bite and every action in your life a moment of positive growth and conscious love. Do it for yourself and for reaching your true potential.

more to come...



Anonymous said...

how do you make superfood fudge?

Jennifer said...

I'm very much into personal development as well. I read Steven Pavlina's blog regularly along with other self-help/self-improvement books. Can you recommend some great audio books that focuses on success, time management, and self development? Thank you! And thank you for blogging. I'm learning a lot from reading. ^_^

D said...

"I stay up till 4am and wake up at 8am, completely refreshed. No naps even."

Dead serious? That is my dream. It truely is. I love mornings and really late nights, right now I like sleeping around 2-3, but I find myself rolling out of bed at 2pm feeling like do you do it?