Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Diet that Produced this Body

First off...If I seem to look like a psycho in the first picture, I assure you its purely by accident. I just wanted to show the lean muscle with the healthy veins. The smile was intended to make the picture more approachable and not so scary, but I think it just intensified things. Im a nice guy, I promise.

So anyways...forget what you've heard. You don't need animal protein. That is simply cooked flesh covered in irradiated feces. It is pain and death, and nasty bacteria. Stay away from it, and encourage all friends and family to do the same if they truly care about their bodies.

Plant protein is where its at. It easily assimilated into the body, and since its not cooked (cooking destroys 50% of protein...REMEMBER THAT!) every little bit is taken in by the body.

Protein is needed, but in FAR less amounts than what is prescribed. You could live off of potatoes and get enough protein. The only instances where people suffer from protein deficiency is when they are literally starving to death. It should be the LEAST of our concerns, but somehow the milk and meat industries have brainwashed us into thinking we need it desperately. This misinformation has permeated our society. "Where do you get your protein???" The question is on cue almost every time. Its like they are trained to say it, and in reality, they are.

So where do I get it? Brazil Nuts, Hempseeds, Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas), Almonds, Bee Pollen, Spirulina and Blue-Green Algae, Maca Root, and of course, the leafy greens. (Kale, Spinach, Chard, Collard Greens, Wheatgrass and Sunflower Sprouts.) About 45% of calories in spinach come from protein. Thats huge. Especially if you are eating over a pound of leafy greens a day, which really is a good idea anyways. Most of my protein and fat is consumed in my daily smoothie, which I like to have for lunch. This makes is easily absorbed into the body, and allows me more time to do the more important things in life instead of preparing a salad for 30 min.

So all in all, I would say that Im getting around 50 grams a day, which is plenty. My body is not bulky, but who wants to be bulky anyways? I think that look is gross, and most guys that aspire for it are shorter anyways and are trying to make up for the lack of height. Lean muscle with low body fat is the result of the raw vegan diet. I do work out, but its quite casual. I will do an hour of powerwalking in the morning as I watch Discovery Channel or CNN, and then I will do stomach, chest, and arms in the evening. Its pretty simple, and as long as your nutrition is superior, the body will make the most out of each workout.

Proper hydration is essential too. At least 2 litres (or quarts) a day of water, and I like to add in lots of lemon juice and cayenne to help clean out my blood, and help alkalize my body.

So there you have it, the pictures speak loudly. Forget the crazy science powders with the milk protein and all the chicken and red meat. Read the labels on all those powders! There is some CRAZY stuff in those packets! And the flesh? Thats just going to clog your bloodflow and make you more lethargic. Who wants to consume pain and death (and fried poopie as well)? Become the graceful animal you were meant to be. Embrace nature's diet, and you will reap the rewards.


laura said...


I wanted to say that I admire your healthy ways. When did you realize you had to eat raw and green? And how do you detox your body? Does cayenne and lemon really work? Did you ever hear of the mastercleanse?

Chocolate Girl said...

I've decided that to refer all my doubting new male clients to this post. "Won't I get all skinny and skrawny if I stop eating meat?" This post is the answer to my problem with the guys! Hah.

Anonymous said...

Amazing body. Perfect example of what the human body could/should be. Any specific exercises you perform? Weight training or body-weight exercises? A post with your workout routine would be great. Keep up the good work