Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why I keep talking about Permaculture....

I think I now truly realize how the application of permaculture principles
into our lives is the key to not only happiness, but health, freedom
 and possibly even future survival in the next few centuries.

Sure...we can buy veg and fruit at the market,
but standing in the middle of your garden,
surrounded by life that has been co-created by your hands and heart,
is something that just can't be labeled with a upc code.

It goes so much deeper than healthy food.
Its about the deep connection to the sacred through the cycles of life.
Its about true freedom...self-reliance, and knowing that you are HEALING 
your personal spot on this very special planet we call home.

Permaculture and the planting of FOOD FORESTS
will save the earth and feed every Earthling many times over.

By converting unused or formerly monocropped lands,
we can establish perennial food forests that will 
feed us, save us money and energy compared to growing monocultures,
and make our world a much more magical place.

I truly feel that it is the answer that can make everyone happy.