Friday, December 2, 2011

The Hybrid to Feed us All

This system heals the Earth.
It stops erosion, safely holds rainwater, and keeps the ground cool.
It requires no energy on humanity's part to keep it running.
If the system is large enough, it actually produces rain.
However, many people believe that this cannot feed the hungry masses.

This system destroys the earth.
It hurts the soil, creates erosion and desertification,
and requires endless amounts of energy to maintain.
However, this system produces large amounts of food.
Whether that food is appropriate to eat or not isnt a concern
for most people...mainstreamers just think about numbers.
When I see these fields, I see desert. I see former forests.

This system, which is a hybrid of the two (but far more benign than #2)
is the answer and will feed the planet while healing it at the same time.

This is a great article from Toby Hemenway that will lay a good
foundation for the next few lines. I highly suggest reading it.

There is always the argument:
We need forests, but we also need food. Fields give us more food.
(Do they? If yes, at what cost?)
What is sad is that we have come so far from what makes sense.
What is joyous is that we have the answer now.

The Food Forest. A consciously designed forest
that is loaded with highly productive varieties.
The Food Forest secures water,
prevents erosion, provides shade and protection to the soil,
and it feeds us quite nicely without much energy needed.

The biggest goal we are facing is the shift from monoculture fields
to polyculture forest garden systems. Its already happening all over
the world, and the sooner we can turn the second picture into the third,
the better off EVERYTHING will be.

A forest that FEEDS us. That is what we need.
Very similar to the idea of the Garden of Eden.
Now why haven't our leaders (government, religious, cultural)
ever proposed or implemented this idea?
Is there something that they are keeping from us?

I know its all about efficiency and money.
But luckily when the cheap fuel starts running out (and it is obviously)
we will be forced to resort to systems not reliant on tractors,
combines, spraying machines, and transport to ship it all far away.
The food forest is the obvious answer for our future.

Just keep spreading the term "Food Forest".
That word is imprinted with white magic and when people hear it,
something deeper and instinctual arises within their hearts.

Keep talking about it. But not overbearingly.
Casually mention it at work.
Tell people that you're thinking about planting a food forest
in your backyard. Tell them that you heard about it on TV.
It will resonate. There is something about those two words.
It will um..."plant a seed" in their mind and get things moving.

We can have food and forests covering out blessed planet.
There is no need for any lack, and poverty, any struggle.
Food Forests are the answer to every challenge we face.