Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Terence McKenna on the Direct Experience

REALLY....think about your life and how this 2 minute
video pertains to how you live it.

What are you here for anyways?
Who is the author of your story?

Try your best to envision your life as a movie.
It can be a sleeper, it can be a romance, it can be a comedy.
But no matter what...
You are here...NOW. Why live a life that doesnt thrill you
and fill you up every day? Why not design a life that excites
not only you but those who come into your presence?

It sounds egotistical, but this is YOUR story. YOURS.
Not your kids, not your parents, not your boss...YOU.
What serves YOU serves everyone else around you if you are tuned
in to what is really good for you....there is no disconnect really.

But your life like you mean it.
I watch NO news hardly ever.
Its a vampire sucking on your soul. Each and every day.
I had no idea about the Casey Anthony trial until my parents told me.
How many people gave themselves to the black hole of that ordeal?

Focus on your tribe...focus on designing a life worth remembering.
I DO believe that we are eternal, but that is irrelevant because
we have been given the ultimate gift to be born as a privileged human
at the most exciting time on the planet...cherish it and live it up!

The thought of myself lying in bed as an old man filled with regret
for not traveling or experiencing more of what life had to offer...

It was exactly what I needed to break free and choose the experiential
instead of the mundane and predictable. Fear motivated me.
We have designed very different lives for ourselves
(or have let OTHERS design them for us)
but we have chosen to pursue what we have and now it may be
time for our hard drives to be rebooted. Think about it.

Long Live the Teachings of Terence McKenna!!!!